Protecting Your Investment – Tips for Cleaning Your Blinds & Shades

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Homeowners invest in window coverings for practical and aesthetic reasons. They protect furnishings and floors from the sun’s harmful rays and they provide light and heat control for a more enjoyable living space. In addition, window coverings add color and style to complement the rest of the décor. When you look at the total cost for an entire home, the financial investment can be surprising. So how do you protect that investment? Keeping your window treatments clean is a must! Dust, pet hair and the occasional food spill should be removed right away. When cleaning your blinds and shades, Hunter Douglas, the manufacturer of blinds, shades etc. recommends the following methods:

  • Dusting,
  • Vacuuming,
  • Compressed Air or Hair Dryer, and
  • Spot Cleaning.
If done on a regular basis, your window coverings will maintain their beauty for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether you have blinds, shades, sheers or shutters. Frequently dusting your treatments with a soft cloth or duster is the solution to protecting your investment. When a light dusting isn’t enough, most window coverings can be vacuumed with a brush attachment. Check the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations for those exceptions.   In addition to dust, sheer treatments occasionally ensnare gnats or flies between the vanes. Dislodge them by using a blow dryer on a cool setting or a can of compressed air made for cleaning electrical equipment. It is also recommended to check for more information on various sites, to get the best understanding of cleaning machines. Sometimes, you simply can’t avoid spot cleaning your treatments. Using a soft, white cloth or sponge, gently dab with lukewarm water. If needed, you can add a little mild detergent (Ivory Soap) to the water. Keep in mind that your cleaned area might reveal the entire product needs cleaning! If so, we can put you in touch with a reputable cleaner.
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