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If you are tired of the full drapery “look,” not to mention the dry cleaning bills every year, the taking down and the re-hanging, then perhaps you are ready for something “cleaner” looking in window treatments. Perhaps you are ready to consider window shades! persona-living-room-resizedYears ago, shades were pretty boring. They came in neutral colors, on rollers, and there were a minimum of fabric and texture choices; they tore easily, and were considered a “poor man’s” alternative to more expensive drapes. The entire shade industry has since been revolutionized, however, and they now can make a major décor statement in any room. As you look into shades as an option, consider the following benefits:

  1. Fabric varieties: From faux wood, wood, and fabric to synthetic materials, shades can now satisfy any customer taste. Great patterns and designs can complement any décor – from traditional prints to modern geometrics. In fact, a custom window treatment retailer can even provide pillows and upholstery options that will carry your fabric theme to other spots in the room!
  2. Light variety: Most people purchase shades with a consideration of the amount of light that comes in through each window in their homes. Thus, if one wants daylight to brighten a room, a translucent material is preferable. In a bedroom, however, in which early morning light may not be ideal, shades that block daylight can be fabricated using a wide variety of materials, including linings.
  3. Style variety: Do you want a sleek flat look or a pleated look? Shades can now accommodate these tastes quite well. And, one can even determine the size of pleats for a shade that is custom-made. Generally, larger windows will take larger pleats quite well, while a smaller window will tolerate smaller pleats. The choice is yours if you have them custom-designed!
  4. Color variety: Need to make a splash is an otherwise neutral and potentially boring room? Shades are the perfect answer, because they come in all colors and designs. Suppose you have a couch that is striped, and you want to accent a color from that stripe. Selecting a window shade of that color will be a perfect means to highlight it and bring coordination to the room. Matching pillows complete the look! A custom window treatment retailer can bring samples of colors and fabrics into your home, so that your selection will be perfect!
  5. Opening options: Traditionally, shades opened only from the bottom, but this single option was not convenient for certain rooms. Suppose, for example, one has a bathroom window and does not want to allow outside viewing by raising a shade or opening blinds. A top-down opening shade is the perfect solution for letting light in and yet maintaining privacy. In fact, if one wishes privacy in all of his/her rooms, the top-down option is ideal. Some shades have both top-down and bottom-up options, and this may also be ideal, dependent upon the room and light requirements.
  6. Maintain formality of a room with drape/shade combinations. Perhaps you want the formal look of drapes, but do not like the idea of a heavy drape blocking too much light or fading with time. An excellent option is to have drapery panels on either side of a window, perhaps a swag at the top, and then complementary shades in a rich fabric. The effect can be stunning!
  You owe it to yourself to check out the great newer options that shades can bring to your decorating. Visit a custom showroom, enlist the services of an in-home decorator, and give your entire home a facelift at a relatively reasonable price!
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