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Maintain a Secure and Comfortable Environment in Your Bank with the Right Window Treatments

Despite the modern conveniences of online banking, plenty of people are still conducting business inside banks. And with so many people coming and going, maintaining an ambient temperature inside is difficult.  While security is also a major concern, so is a welcoming interior. That’s why choosing the right window treatments is essential when it comes to keeping a bank’s heating and cooling bills under control, maintaining security and creating a welcoming yet professional atmosphere.  Here are some things to consider when it comes to choosing window treatments for bank windows.

Many banks opt for wood blinds because they can be made to fit any size window and give interiors a warm, modern look. Eco-friendly wood blinds come in a variety of colors and are effective at blocking out unwanted light or allowing more light into a room. Ordering wood or faux wood blinds in dark colors helps with absorbing the sun’s rays and bringing additional heat into a room in the winter which can help to reduce energy bills.  With wood blinds banks can protect interiors from prying eyes with the twist of a lever and the pull of a string.

Another window treatment many banks are installing is solar shades. The sun is hotter and more intense on windows facing east (early mornings and afternoons) and on windows facing west (noon until 5 p.m.) than it is on windows facing north or south.  Knowing the direction a bank’s windows face will help when it comes to determining the appropriate fabric to reduce glare and infrared heat gain.  Solar shades with dense woven fabrics reflect more infrared heat, offer the greatest glare reduction and provide greater daytime privacy.  For the best glare reduction and view out, choose solar shade fabrics with dark colors.  Choose light color solar shade fabrics if a bank requires more daytime privacy and needs to reflect more solar heat.

Blackout shades are another window treatment installed in banks across the country.  Only blackout shades can completely blackout a room.  Energy saving blackout shades has light blocking and energy saving abilities.  With blackout shades, banks save money on heating and cooling costs all year long and keep the furniture and fabrics inside from fading.  Because blackout shades can completely blackout a room, they’re ideal for protecting interiors from prying eyes.

Motorized shades are also making appearances in banks throughout the nation.  Traditionally, high windows in older bank buildings couldn’t take advantage of shades because of the proximity to the ground and the inability to manually adjust them.  But with motorized shades this is no longer the case thanks to remote controls and installed computerized systems.  These computerized systems have the capability of adjusting shade levels based on the sun’s arrival times or the amount of sunlight exposure your windows receive, giving banks much more control over light levels.

Wood blinds, solar shades, blackout shades and motorized shades offer banks light control, savings on heating and cooling costs and privacy protection for customers

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