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The simple fact is that a lot of people have trouble falling asleep with any light in the room. There are also many people who work different shifts so they have to try and sleep during the times of the day with the most sunlight. This has been an ongoing battle for a lot of people. Even if you just want to be able to enjoy a movie in a dark room to create a theatre like experience, there is a way out there to help with this annoying but common problem. The best solution is to have room darkening shades installed. The room darkening shades come in many styles and colors. There are wood and faux wood blinds with a routeless hole feature. Woven woods and roman style shades can have a blackout liner attached that darkens the room. Cellular shades from Hunter Douglas and Comfortex Window Fashions and other leading companies offer blackout and room darkening options . You can even get a child safe cordless feature in room darkening material! All of these will eliminate light coming thru while keeping the room looking absolutely fabulous with beautiful looking custom made products to fit your windows. Sunshine Drapery has a wide selection of photos on their website so you can get an idea of what you are looking for. However, like any website, it is only a sampling and is not all inclusive of the vast amount of what they can do. Simply contact them and schedule a complimentary in home appointment and have one of their expert decorators visit with you. These people are experts and the average decorator has over 14 years of experience and will help you tremendously. The complimentary appointment by a professional decorator is not only good for style selection, but it allows you the consumer piece of mind to have a perfect fit for your windows and glass doors. The worst thing that can happen is that the blinds and or shades are not properly measured and do not fit the window correctly. Incorrect fitting blinds and shades are like having clothes that do not fit. It will look bad and it will more than likely allow light in when the entire purpose was to eliminate the light. Sunshine Drapery with their shop at home service guarantees a perfect fit! You will be very happy that you asked for professional help, with someone who will listen to your vision and will guarantee their work. You will be surprised how easy it is to darken your room with an array of blinds, shades and even shutters that meet your specific needs. So no matter if you want a dark room for sleeping or just to enjoy a movie in the dark, you can find shades that will do the job.

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