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If you are a typical homeowner, you are probably concerned with saving money and conserving energy and with some considerations; both can be done at the same time. With the right window treatments, it is possible to keep cool air trapped inside during the summer, block out harmful UV rays from the sun, and keep out the cold and drafty winds in the winter. Even though many manufacturing companies will include the words “eco-friendly” on the label, how does a consumer truly know if the products are in fact, what they are represented to be? A great option for an eco-friendly addition to windows is bamboo Roman shades and blinds. Roman shades are flat panels of material that fold in an accordion style and it can fit inside or outside of the window frame. Bamboo is a great choice for home décor, because it has an all-natural appearance and it is very versatile and sturdily made. Bamboo window blinds can be raised or lowered to allow for varying levels of light into the room. Hemp window shades are another option for a homeowner looking for window treatments made from all-natural fibers. The fiber from the hemp plant is one of the strongest and most durable of all natural textile fabrics and is mold-resistant and filters out dangerous ultraviolet rays. Blinds and window shades made from hemp will last longer than those made from other materials and will hold their shape well. Hemp window shades are porous and can be dyed any shade, and retains color and shape better than blinds constructed of cotton. Another type of good investment for eco-friendly blinds are those made of wood, which in most cases are manufactured using ramin or bass wood. Bass wood is the preferred material, because it is more durable and has a more distinctive grain, but ramin is a less expensive option for those on a budget and still look just as good. Wood blinds can be found in many different varieties which can include faux blinds, real wood and all in various sizes. Wooden window blinds are very decorative and can be custom ordered and fitted with decorative tapes to suit any type of home décor. Window blinds made from natural materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also provide shade, prevent heat loss and provide insulation against the cold and harsh sunlight. Adding eco-friendly blinds helps a person save money on energy costs and reduces greenhouse gasses and avoids the use of non-renewable or toxic materials, which is not only good for the environment, but also improves the look of windows in the home. Eco-friendly blindsavailable from Sunshine Drapery: Wood | Faux Wood

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