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Before there were faux wood blinds, there were only wood blinds.

Why would one consider a wood blind versus a faux blind? First, a wood blind is natural and is very rich looking by its nature. The faux blinds have come a long way and look like a wood blind, but the wood blind does stand out on its own. In terms of weight, a wood blinds is very light in comparison to a faux blind. It’s not to say that you should consider raising and lowering the wood blinds just because they are lighter than a faux wood. In fact, we highly recommend that any 2 inch wood or faux wood blind be in the down position with the slats open or closed. Wood or faux wood blinds just are not meant to be raised and lowered on a regular basis. A third aspect of the wood blind is simply its durability. It obviously comes from a tree and it is strong in nature and would take a lot to ruin or damage one . A fourth aspect is the wide range of colors available. Customers can find every assortment of white to an array of stains. If your home has some built in natural wood work or crown molding, then a stain can work very well and blend in nicely with the décor of the home. A final aspect and somewhat alluded to above is the privacy aspect of the wood blind. When in the down position as recommended and the slats are tilted open, there is a level of privacy because there is something covering the window. For extra privacy and light control, then the slats can be tilted in a downward position. There are various grades of wood in the market..basswood, ramin wood, etc…all have their unique characteristics too. A final thought….when it comes to areas with high humidity, 15 years ago we would have suggested stay away from putting these products in areas like the bathroom or kitchen. However, as time has gone on and manufacturers have improved, warping is no longer an issue to worry about with humidity.
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