Decorating Your Child’s Room With Soft Valances

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When you think about designing a room for your child, you need to think about howthe decorwill affect them. A great idea for a baby's room is to pick colors and itemsthat will not only work for a baby, but will also makethe transition with your childrenthrough the years. Obviously,not everything will stay the same as your child grows. But through the years, a simple truth remains: the mood created throughthe room's decor needs to be positive.

Relaxation Is Key

When you are going to be painting and decorating a baby's room, you should alwaysthink about itsmain function. Ababy's nursery should be calm, peaceful, and of course colorful. That color, of course, should be present in yoursoft valancesjust as it will be throughout your home. Perhaps you decide to go witha light shade of yellow and have blue accents. The yellow color will help to create a happy mood for your baby, but will also be subtle enough to allow your baby to rest comfortably and be peaceful. If you choosean overstimulating color like red for your valance, it could be a little too much for your baby and not allow them to relax. On the other hand, choosing more subtle shades will also allow you to pick out colorful accents, whichwill allow your child to grow into their space as well. When your child ages, their taste will change. They may love a bright pink room as a toddler, but begin to dislike the color as they grow older. However, if the color of the room is a lighter dusty rose, they may never come to dislike the color. You can always accessorize around your room's wall color and valance to allow your room to grow with your child's preferences.


Mock Roman (C128) ValanceSpeaking of accessories: when it comes to creating the rightmood, the decor is key in a room. Having painted the walls and chosen your valance, it's time to decide what of accessories will work best in the space. For example, if your walls and valances have been painted a light gray, a rug that features a colored animal might be a great choice. Not only will this rug be a great pop of color in the room to help lighten and brighten the mood, but it will also function as a nice soft space for your growing baby to lay on, do tummy time, and play. Area rugs are a great way to add a pop of color, pattern, or even texture to your room. Because they help to break up a space they are versatile and can help to reinforce a theme. For example, if you have decided ona nautical theme for the room and you want to create a relaxed mood by channeling the soothing blue hues of the ocean, choosing a rug that goes with the theme is perfect.You'll be sure to find a rug that will match perfectly with your style and taste.   Lastly, items like fleece blankets and artwork allow youto create the perfect room for your baby and child. Asthey grow or outgrow the accessories, you can always look together to find new ones that will help to make your child happy and keep their space contemporary with their needs. For children, it's important to not only have a relaxing space of their own. Eventually, they will need a space that reflects their own personal taste and style. With the right set of decor and valances, you'll be able to not only create the perfect nursery for them, but also maintain the right moodas they continue to grow.To find the right products in that endeavor, pleasecontact us.
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