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Windows are hugelyimportant in any space because they allow light and air to flow into your home. But they also present you with an opportunity to decorate them. You can allow themblend into the room by choosing very subtle window coverings, or you can make them more of a focal feature and use bold and more unique coverings. One way to add a great look to your windows is withsoft valances.

What is a Soft Valance?

Asoft valance is a valance that is made out of fabric. In other words, it meansthat you have endless design options for your home. This is different from what could be considered hard window treatments like blinds, shades, and shutters. Additionally, valances are always located at the top of the window and as a result can be a bighelp inframing out a window toprovide not only a pop of color, accent, or beauty, but also help to control the light that comes in.


Soft valances come ina great deal of variety and customization options that you don't have with blinds and other hard window coverings. First of all, you can choose to have your soft valance on a decorative rod, or you could have them mounted onto a board. Also, valances offer a variety of styles that go back all the way back to how they're made.Dillenberger (13) For example, if you want to have a valance that goes straight across at the bottom, you can easily find that. Another popular option consists of valances that are longer on the ends, or others that have almost a scalloped pattern at the bottom varying in length. No matter your taste, you'll be sure to find something that you like.Your valances can also have trim, buttons, and other touches that you would like to see in your window treatments.

Use Experts and Get Customization

Perhaps the best part about valances is that you can use them to trulycreate the window covering that you want. As a result,it'simportant not to settle. If you are looking for a soft valance that is exactly what you want it to be, you'll have to go outside of traditional stores.   In other words,valances don't tend to bea "one size fits all" type of project. Too often, stores will have a very limited variety of sizes, styles and colors, and you may only find something that you'll have to make work. This means that you may have a soft valance, but it that it wasn't what you envisioned or really wanted. By using experts, you'll be able to get exactly what you want for your windows. Or, if you lack creativity and can't envision exactly what you'd like for your valances, it's a great idea to involve an expert as well. You may not be able to find exactly what you want, or you simply need help in creating a beautiful window. For larger windows in a room, you'll want to be sure to get a beautiful window treatment since a large windownot only takes up a great deal of space, also actsas a focal point in the room. Lastly, valances are a great window covering because they help to block out light without making a room totally dark. Even if you use an opaque fabric because it's only at the top of the window, the light will still be able to pour in without being overwhelming. Window coverings in general are important to not only provide privacy and look beautiful, but to also add energy efficiency. Whetheryou want a pop of color or some type of textural element for your windows, soft valances are the perfect option.
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