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The ancient, Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui embodies the theory of living in harmony and prosperity with nature. As a form of geomancy, the viewpoint is based on the straightforward concept that our lives are deeply affected by our physical and emotional environments. This synchronization-oriented approach easily can be applied toward selecting which type of drapes or window treatments best mesh with you and your life. Because we spend a lot of time in our homes, it's worthwhile to consider what advice and solutions Feng Shui offers to let "chi," or energy, flow smoothly around our abodes. With windows and accompanying treatments as prominent residence features, the chosen fabrics, color, material and window arrangement all may affect your home's chi. To apply Feng Shui principles to draperies, consider the following tips:

  • Make sure curtains open and close easily to avoid struggles and bad vibes, and so that you enjoy establishing a daily ritual with them.
  • By pulling back curtains during daytime, you're allowing sunlight to cheer up your house and supply the area with positive energy.
  • Keep your curtains and windows clean to allow and maximize the chi to filter inside fresh and pure.
  • Keep curtains closed at night, as windows exposed during evenings are considered to elicit bad luck.
  • Drapes should be sized appropriately for the window type, stemming from customized measurements, if possible.
  • Curtain rings and clips should be of natural material, with wood being an excellent choice.
  • Within Feng Shui guidelines, drapes should have curves to them. When drawn together, there should be enough fabric hanging to form pleats and folds. Drapes that hang lifelessly to each side of a window are considered negative Feng Shui.
  • To perk up your overall chi, match your drapes with the seasons. Use heavier fabrics for winter and lighter fabrics for summer. Incorporate warm colors for wintertime, happy colors for spring, and radiant hues for summertime. For example, shades of green are good for spring; shades of red, orange and pink reflect summer; white, grey and metallic colors suit autumn; and shades of blue go with winter.
By selecting certain colors for your drapes, you're also shaping and adjusting specific energies each room can have. Pink or green in bedrooms, for example, are considered to be colors that invite love. Having red window treatments in living rooms help keep guests energized and enthused. Orange and yellow treatments for kitchens and playrooms are refreshing and revitalizing. The calming of green is ideal for living rooms. Purple signifies richness and transformation, which makes it ideal for spiritual rooms. You also can choose toincorporate into drapes and window treatments all five Feng Shui elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.Indeed, the term"Feng Shui"literally translates in English as "wind-water." The strengths of these elements may especially apply to your business and office environments. Way too many offices are starved for light. In Feng Shui, these elements are aligned with seasons and directions, and they interact within themselves in either productive or destructive manners. The wood element typically is associated with spring; fire with summer; metal with fall; and water with winter. By knowing these applications, you can plan various window treatments, especially after studying the how the natural light patterns change during business hours. Octagonal and arched windows, by the way, are considered favorable Feng Shui. Don' worry — we can assist you with tackling treatments for more challenging, creative window dimensions, spaces and shapes. Our service includes customized measurements. Whether or not you'd like to apply Feng Shui to your window treatments, consider following your instincts about colors, fabric and placement, all while adding some positive chi energy to your home.
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