Are Broken Shutters Worth Fixing?

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Every few months its a good idea to take a stroll around your home. Take stock of all of the little “fix it projects” that you might stumble upon. Windows in a home take up almost as much square footage as the floor and deserve as much if not more attention.

Outdoor ShuttersWindows are at eye level for the most part and a focal point. They are the first “thing” we seen when entering a space. Nothing says I need more help than a broken window treatment.

If you have a broken shutter, you may have to decide if it can be fixed. However, generally speaking, there really are only two areas where a shutter may break down.

One is the magnet housing that holds the magnet in place. Most manufacturers use a plastic housing component that are prone to breaking down in the sun after 5 years. Stainless steel magnet systems really stop this from happening. However, if you have this problem, simply take a ride to your nearest hardware store. For about a $1.50, a Phillips screw driver, and 10 minutes, you are good to go.

The other problematic area is the tilt bar that holds the louvers together. Every manufacturer uses a tiny staple that over time can loosen. The only way to fix this is with glue. Shutters are very durable – but like anything, replacement may need to occur.

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In 2012, the technology in the manufacturing process is outstanding and shutter manufacturers like Norman Shutters has worked hard to eliminate any problems with tilt bars. They use ¾ heat staples and a good installer should always instruct you how to use and operate your panels of shutters before leaving.

When treated right, shutters are a great investment for your home and window treatments.


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