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Many of you who read these blog posts may be in a very similar situation to me. I have one child home from college after graduating looking to find employment in her field. The middle child heads back to college soon and the youngest is going into his junior year in High School. When it comes to decorating their rooms, one thing I know is for sure..what we did to the rooms for each in the “younger” years changed every 4 years as they outgrew what we had done. Back to SchoolLike most parents, we had the pretty colors for them as babies with splashed of yellow and pink for the girls and blue for the boy. Each had wallcoverings and some more than others..mostly borders. As my son grew older, he went from trains to baseball. Now being 16 and driving, he could care less about the baseball as he gave up on this several years ago and became a decent tennis player. But even suggesting sports on his wall now is unheard of, so we do the basic paint colors that are more masculine. The girls evolved but probably not to the same level as the son. My middle child going to college still loves the feminine colors as pink is her middle name. The oldest looking to make her mark in the world likes pink, but I have noticed she is all about subtle soft colors. As many of you prepare to have children or even grandchildren get ready for the new school year, it may be time to think about that change to their room. Consider some paint or even a new wallcovering.   Another idea is to have a simple window covering valance made to go with the blind or shade that is used for privacy underneath. A new bedspread is always welcome as the one they use probably wears down and gets a few holes too. Children like to have freshness in decorating as parents do too. There are many ways to freshen up a child’s room. Is it time for you to do so too??

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