Window Treatments for Bay Windows

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Typically a bay window is not just a single window. Lets for simplicity sake use a bay window that has 3 glass panels in the middle and one on each side..thus, five total windows. The first question is do you need privacy or something to block the light? Either way, there are an array of choices.

Bay Window Privacy

Each window can have its own privacy covering the window. A blind, screen shade, cellular shade or a roman shade would work very well. A plantation shutter is also an option for each window. If you go with a plantation shutter, then there really is not a pressing need for a valance. Plantation shutters are not only practical, but beautiful and do not require a drapery valance. This of course is preferential, but it is our opinion that it is not a necessity to add a drapery valance when using shutters. In terms of a roman shade in each window, this can also be very decorative and you can even have a built in valance covering each window. After the question of the need for privacy and light control is answered and you want to decorate the window, then the fun begins. There are just so many options. For example, an upholstered cornice can be built to fit around the bay in one piece!! For that matter, any style of top treatment valance can be made to fit. We send an installer to your home and he or she builds an angle board and makes sure it fits. This wood angle board is the template and we make the window treatments using this. If you are wanting a decorative pole with a treatment, the same concept applies. The installer gets the angle measurements and communicates with our workroom. You can add side panels to the very ends of each bay window and we also put panels between the breaks of the dry wall.   Don’t be scared of a bay window and let us help you make the bay work for functionality and looks.
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