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You will most probably want some lightweight and pretty draperies for the summertime or a combination of two window treatments to be more versatile. Summer heat begs for lighter-weight fabrics but there is also a need for good insulating properties too for the dog days of summer. You have many different options from which to choose and you can mix and match different types of window treatments as well for the best of both worlds.

Summertime Bedroom Considerations

Summertime Bedroom Considerations

Window treatments of all kinds are a combination of style with purpose. They beautify your home and your bedroom but they should also perform specific functions based on the details of your rooms. Several issues need to be addressed to get the maximum performance of all window treatments. Your functional needs, your personal needs, and preferences will all be considerations for the perfect bedroom window treatments for summer.

Light Control

Light control is one of the most important aspects of bedroom window treatments. It depends a great deal on what direction your bedroom windows face. Windows that face North, will hardly ever have direct sunlight in them, however, windows facing East and West will get the most sunlight and South-facing windows may get some sunlight as well. This is a consideration in your window covering choices to block out harsh sunlight but to be able to allow some sunlight in when you want to.

Energy Efficiency

The warmest days in our area can get quite hot, and allowing the sunlight inside your home in the summer can require more air conditioning to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. The amount of windows in your bedroom and again the direction they face determines the amount of energy you lose from your windows. Your window treatments of choice are a direct option to help you save big on energy costs in the summer.


When you consider what is near your proximity around the outside of your home, it will determine your privacy needs. An upstairs bedroom facing the rear of your home with no neighbors behind you will mean that privacy isn't as much of an issue for you. If you have shrubbery or trees blocking views from your windows, your need for privacy may be less worrying. However, if you have a window facing your next-door neighbor and they are quite close, your privacy needs are very high. Nearby neighbors or open spaces around your home can create a vantage point to see inside your home and you want to protect your privacy in all rooms of your abode.


If you have a beautiful view out of the bedroom window of your garden that you work so hard in to enjoy the blooms or any other stunning landscape, you will want window treatments to frame your view rather than to cover it up. If your bedroom windows look out over areas that are not so appealing, you may want window treatments that will either block or camouflage these obstacles.


Your window treatments of choice should reflect the mood and style of your other bedroom decor. They should complement and enhance your spaces with color, patterns, and textures. You may also have some architectural aspects in the room that you want to highlight, such as specialty-shaped windows or ornate window casings to beautify your space and embellish the area.

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

You have many choices in window treatment options for your bedrooms. The key to a bedroom window is versatility. Your light control and privacy are your primary focus for this room of your house. During the day, you may want to allow some filtered light through the windows to brighten up your space while blocking out glare and some of the heat. In the evening you will want to close your window treatments to keep out excess light from street lights and to keep noise to a lower level, all while making it easier to sleep and protecting your privacy at the same time. Another big concern is that you want to be able to have your window coverings go effortlessly from day to night mode.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and as so you want it to be a place to feel very comfortable and relaxed. Your personality and style should also be reflected in your bedroom, but maybe in a different manner than in other rooms of your home. Most homeowners want their bedrooms to be a place of calm, refuge, and comfort. So, your window treatments should add to the senses of calmness, relaxation, comfort, and personal decor.

Drapery Panels

Luscious Lined Draperies

A great option for both light and noise control is lined drapery panels. Adding a liner to drapes gives you an added layer of insulation to block extra light and noise. Liners also open up other options for you too. You can still have the lovely lightweight lacy drapes you desire in any color with a liner. You may choose a floral lacy fabric and use a coordinating solid color liner that shows through the lacey front panel. Or you can choose a pastel solid color fabric with a contrasting pastel liner for a pop of accent color behind the lace. The great thing about drapes in the bedroom is that they are so simple to open and close by sliding them to the position you wish for partially open, entirely open, or entirely closed. Draperies also give you thousands of choices in fabric from which to choose so you are sure to find the perfect one for your bedroom.

If your bedroom has dark walls, you may decide to lighten the area with a pastel-colored fabric or if your room is monochromatic without a lot of colors, you may want some pretty floral patterned drapes.

Stylish Roman Shades

Maybe long draperies are not really your style. You may be interested in Roman shades which are also made of fabric to give you all the choices possible in colors, patterns, and textures. Roman shades can be made in many different styles and in a variety of opacities as well. When you open your Roman shades, they create a beautiful border to the window but have clean lines as they install inside the window frame. When you close Roman shades, they can block out almost all light from the window and give you an added layer of privacy as well. The amount of light that you will get in your bedroom depends on the material you choose so it is totally customizable. You can also partially raise them to any height to show some of your beautiful fabric and keep part of the window open.

Energy-Efficient Cellular Shades

Cellular shades or honeycomb shades as they are often called are one of the most energy efficient items for window coverings. They are made with little cells in the center that trap air next to your windows when closed and don't let it into your home. This keeps your bedroom at a more comfortable temperature without the need for as much air conditioning in the summer months. In fact, cellular shades are a great product all year round because they also reduce heating needs in the winter as well. Cellular shades come in a wide variety of materials and styles. You can choose from sheer, light-filtering, and room-darkening materials in hundreds of colors, fabrics, and textures. The possibilities with cellular shades are practically endless.

Classic and Classy Shutters

Hardwood Shutters

Indoor plantation shutters are loved for their classic and timeless appearance. If you want a clean and crisp appearance, go for white shutters, or instead if you want to add warmth to your bedroom choose a dark brown color. You also have options on how the shutters open and close by the manner they are mounted. The full length covers the window from the top to the bottom and each half opens outward. Tier on tier is a pair at the top of the window and another pair at the bottom that operate independently of each other. This allows you to open the top or bottom and leave the other half-closed. If you don't get a lot of sunlight in your bedroom window you may opt for cafe shutters in which only the bottom half of the window is covered with them closed. Shutters give you a lot of light control because you can tilt the vanes to any position to angle your light in your bedroom.

Wonderful Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are a beautiful product that is more casual. They add a layer of texture to your bedroom in different hues from natural bamboo fibers and grasses that are woven in the shade. It's a natural and exotic look in many colors and thicknesses to block out the light and heat while protecting your privacy. Tiny holes in the weave allow tiny bits of light into your room for a spectacular show on your walls when the moonlight strikes it. If you want total darkness though, you can always add a custom liner to it.

Layering Window Treatments Like a Pro


You can also make your window treatments very versatile by layering them. First, start with a blind or shade next to the window, and then add your second layer in a beautiful fabric. You can mix and match any types of window coverings you desire to get your own personalized style. Most of the time the second layer is a fabric item and you can even use two items made of custom fabric if you wish. A thicker layer next to the window acts in the same manner as a liner on drapery to block out heat and glare and give you privacy. While the second layer is often the most decorative one that everyone sees when it is closed. This allows you to open or close the two layers independently of each other for perfect light control when you need it.

The best bedroom window treatments for summer allow you complete control over the sunlight. You can open them in the morning for a cool breeze and close them later when the weather warms up. Your bedroom window coverings should be stylish and created from custom durable fabric to match your existing decor. Another great advantage of usingcustom window treatmentsis that you can choose some cute throw pillows in the same fabric to tie your bedroom all in together.

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