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Windows serve many functions in our homes. They let in natural light, fresh air, and beautiful views of the outside. Additionally, the windows themselves may be picturesque, like frames for masterpieces. However, without the right window treatments, your windows may fall short of their intended purpose and may, in fact, ruin the inherent beauty of your windows. In order to really brighten a room - both literally and metaphorically - you need to understand what each type of treatment does.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a classy touch that add warmth to any home. Since you are able to choose from a variety of finshes, you’re almost guaranteed to be able to match them to your wood trim, hardwood floors, or your favorite piece of furniture. If moisture is a problem, such as in the bathroom, you should instead choose faux wood blinds, which offer the same elegant appeal as real wood, while being able to maintain their shape and luster even when mounted near the shower or kitchen sink.

Sheer Curtains

Choose soft and airy sheer curtains for a casually elegant look. They diffuse and color bright sunlight and can be custom designed for tall windows. Additionally, they add privacy without cutting out the light and are available in a variety of modern colors.

Roller Shades

In the past, roller shades were considered an economical choice that offered ideal functionality, although lacking in style. That is no longer the case. Today, you can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and prints, making roller shades more than just affordable, but stylish as well.

Natural Shades

If you are looking for an option that is light, natural, or beachy, then look no further than natural shade options. They give a room depth and texture and come in a myriad of configurations, such as Roman or roll up as well as in bamboo and reed.

Cellular Shades

Sometimes referred to as honeycomb shades, cellular shades are both practical and stunning. They are available in a nearly endless list of styles and configurations and offer light-filtering or full black-out options. They are ideal for a home theater or the bedroom of a picky sleeper, as they also cut down on noise. Additionally, they create a thermal barrier that can help with your heating and cooling costs, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are fashionable and sophisticated. The soft fabric draws together neatly, and they are available in an endless array of colors, textures, and styles. They offer a touch of color or new design that makes it possible to add interest without remodeling an entire room. But at one point or the other, the need of a home remodeling company in Everett Washington would be palpable, as there are some things that only a deft hand would bring to fruition. One additional advantage of Roman shades is that they open and close in panels, so you need not worry about crooked blinds or jumbled strings.


One of the most popular window treatments, swags are available on a decorative pole or on a board. They are perfect for bay or atrium windows and add a touch of gracefulness in an otherwise simple room. Swags can be used in conjunction with jabots, cascades, or panels that add a layer of contrasting fabric and an interesting focal point.


These economical window treatments are made with wood, batting, and fabric. They add an architectural element as well as a unique style to any room and can be used over draperies or blinds. As a window treatment, cornices offer both decoration and function. Practical reasons to use them include hiding basic utility rods as well as deceiving the eye into thinking the window is larger or the ceiling higher than it really is. Additionally, when used with full drapery panels, cornices help control heat loss, reducing winter energy bills.

Indoor Shutters

Sometimes referred to as plantation shutters, indoor shutters are substantial and stylish and available in a variety of colors and stains to match any decor. Many people, including professional decorators, prefer natural wood shutters, which are popular for country kitchens. Since they can be easily opened and closed, light can easily be let in or privacy is easily accessible, depending on your mood.

Brighten Up Any Room

If you are looking for an easy, affordable way to renew your home’s interior look, window treatments are the way to go. New window accessories add style and function to your windows and provide a brand new outlook in any room.
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