3 Tips to Brighten Your Kitchen in the Fall

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As fall and winter approach, days become shorter and sunlight is at a premium. A lack of sunshine makes for a gloomy, dreary kitchen, and a gloomy, dreary kitchen makes for a gloomy, dreary home. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Keep your kitchen, and therefore your home bright and cheery during the cooler months and shorter days using these three decorating tips.

Let the Sun Shine In

Are your old curtains or blinds blocking the sun? Replace them with a cheerful valance and a roller shade or roman shade that can be raised for the day to let in sunlight, and lowered for the night to provide privacy. A valance blocks the least amount of glass of any window covering. If a valance is too open or you’re concerned about nosy neighbors and a lack of privacy during the day, try using lightweight sheers instead. Sheers don’t allow as much sunlight to penetrate as a valance, but it’s a good compromise as it allows sunshine to enter the home while they blur the neighbor’s view. Another option for the winter time, window dilemma is to choose brightly colored curtains. This option provides a pop of cheery color yet maintains your privacy both day and night.

Dress up the Kitchen

Sunny yellow or radiant red place mats make breakfast, lunch, and dinner an event to look forward to. A leafy green salad served on colorful place mats is not only a healthy meal, but the contrasting colors provide an emotional boost as well. Consider the combination of color and nutrition as a form of brain food!  

Change the Kitchen Towels and Scrubbers

Find some bright colored ones! These small changes to accessories unify the color scheme and tie the other elements together. The changes are small and inexpensive, but have a huge impact. Making your kitchen a bright and cheerful place will do wonders for chasing away the winter time blues and by extension, the rest of the home will benefit as well.
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