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We frequently see customers who just are overwhelmed with fabric choices. They just do not know where to begin and we must admit there are a lot of variables to think about. Lets first address the nature of the project.

  • What are you wanting to do in your home?
  • Are you looking to recover seats in the dining room?
  • Are you looking for drapery applications or maybe a combination of both?
  • Are you looking to reupholster the chair you have had in your family for many years?
It really does make a difference if you and your decorator know what you are working toward. You may also call us to come work on a drapery for a certain room and not even realize there are other opportunities to make other products to compliment..for example, a seat cushion in perhaps a bay window. When it comes to reupholstery, the weight or rubs on the material are usually recommended to be a higher other words, fabric for applications like this need to be heavy and sturdy. This fabric may or may not work in window coverings really depending on the style. It can be used for an upholstered cornice board very well and maybe even some gathered side panels(not pleated!!). After really determining the nature of the project, then the fun part comes in terms of deciding what you want. For example, if you are interested in a fabric roman shade that raises and lowers in a window, then certain fabrics are going to better suited for this type of application. Or lets say you want something really elegant for a formal living room and you want silk. Silk is wonderful and works well with many styles. However, it does have an inherent nature of wrinkles..if you like crisp draperies, silk is not for you and maybe a cotton or polyester based fabric is. Believe it or not, the lining on the back side makes a big difference too and yes, there are choices. Sometimes we get customers who just need it like hotel dark, so we sell a blackout lining. When it comes to silk, we have a special inner and outer lining with weight that is called vogue and it helps give body to the silk.   Then comes the color. Many times when customers call, click or visit to set an appointment, they tell us they like a certain color. When we get to the home, we frequently find that maybe this is not the best alternative and make suggestions. Ask yourself this question..”what is your favorite color?” After you answer, then look around your home and see if you really utilize that color. Our guess is that some of you do and many of you do not..then you need to think about solids versus patterns and stripes. Do you like flowers or paisley, etc. etc. Choosing the right decorating fabric is not easy and this is why the decorators at Sunshine drapery can help. This is our expertise and hence why we offer complimentary in home appointments because decorating and fabric choices are not easy, but getting help from Sunshine is.
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