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Do the rooms in your home feel choppy and disjointed? You’ve visited your neighbor’s home, with the same floor plan, and somehow the rooms are decorated in such a way that they seamlessly connect and flow together. How did they do that? Here are some tips for connecting the rooms in your home. Photo_Video_55474159533073136149552_topmed1_vertOne of the easiest ways to connect the rooms in your home is with color. While some folks opt to paint every room in their home the same color, decorating and accenting with other colors, this isn’t the only option. Start by choosing a color to carry through your home. This does not need to be the primary paint color in every room but a color that makes an appearance in the form of paint, fabric or accessories. Use pillows and accessories in this color and in varying shades and tones throughout the room to create layers and depth. Part of what makes a house feel choppy is painting rooms too many different colors. Limiting your home’s color palette to four to six colors will help. If you live in a smaller home, don’t use more than four colors. Using too many colors will make your home look cluttered and complicated. Another way to connect the rooms in your home is to paint the trim in every room the same color. Limiting your home’s color palette is only part of the equation. Another way to make the rooms flow together is with style. By the same token, this doesn’t mean you have to clone every room. You can give the rooms in your home life and vitality by using different colors, furniture shapes and materials. What makes eclectic decorating so much fun is the ability to use what you really love about different styles like French Country and Shabby Chic and incorporate elements of these styles into each of your rooms. This is quite challenging by another effective way to make the rooms in your home flow together. Material is also a way to connect the rooms in your home. If you’re fond of black ironwork in your home, you can connect your rooms with iron sconces and a chandelier in your dining room, black ironwork lamps in your great room and a black ironwork mirror in the ½ bath off your kitchen. If you had all this ironwork in one room, it would be too much but when it makes an appearance throughout your home it helps to create a nice connection.   If you live in a smaller home, one of the best ways to connect the rooms is with the same flooring in every room. By keeping the flooring consistent, you’ll prevent your rooms from looking disjointed. Hardwood flooring is a great way to accomplish this. Area rugs and runners help you add interest and color to your rooms. However, if you have carpet in one room and Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in the next, you can still connect those rooms by using rugs and runners that have the same colors or materials. This will create a sense of flow while soothing the different flooring types. Finally, when it comes to decorating your home, remember to be true to yourself. Stick with your own style and surround yourself with the items you’re drawn to, that have meaning in your life, and you’ll find that it will all work together in the end.

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