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Do you own a skylight in any of your rooms? If you do, our guess is that the glass is not covered by any type of blind or shade? Why would you put a blind or shade in if you put in a skylight to have ambiance and natural light coming in? Skylights for the most part are left open. But what happens is that during the summer, the natural light just simply allows heat to come in and in many homes it just “bakes” the living heck out of the room. The air conditioning is cranking and it sometimes quite honestly becomes unbearable. A skylight blind or shade can be ordered to fit the window. Most customers like a blind or shadethat can be opened to allow for the light to come in during the non hot parts of the day or even in the other 3 seasons of the year. The blind or shade has to be custom made and a “typical” skylight with installation will run around on average give or take $600.   Have you ever seen the commercials where there are stunt drivers and they say in small print, do not attempt this at home. Well, do not attempt to do a skylight on your own. They are unforgiving on measurements and even being a ¼ inch off will cause you headaches. A professional blind and shade company will send out a professional decorator who will discuss options. After this, an installer will come and make a template so the exact measurements are taken. This is sent off to blind and shade manufacturing companies and then sent back so the same installer can put it up.

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