Curtains and Drapes: 6 Easy Steps on How to Correctly Hang Them

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Curtains and drapes are essential items in your home in St. Louis. These custom draperies in St. Louis provide privacy, helps you get restful sleep, block out harsh sunlight, and dresses up your windows with both color and texture. You can actually make your windows a focal point in any room that draws the eye to them when entering the room. Using the correct measurements, tools, and hanging techniques will make your window treatments look professional.

1. Calculating the Width of Your Window Treatments

You want to make sure your curtains or drapes are wide enough for your window. You need to take measurements of your window first, before ordering or purchasing your window treatments in St. Louis. If your curtain or drapery panels are not wide enough, sunlight will peak through on the sides of your windows and let the heat from the sun's UV rays invade your room. Measure the width of your window and multiply it by two so that your window treatments will be wide enough and not allow light in through them. Doubling the width also gives your window treatments texture by allowing them to naturally drape.

2. Calculating the Length of Your Curtains and Drapes

The length of your drapery & curtain panels is also important. If they are too short, it looks awkward, but they also make your space look much shorter, and it makes the ceilings appear very low. Curtains that are too long and drag on the floor are a tripping hazard, and they collect dust on them really fast. The ideal length of curtains or drapes is where they hover just barely above the floor. Measure from the floor up to where your curtain rod will be mounted, which is usually 4 to 6 inches above the window frame. If you want your room to appear like the ceiling is higher and your space is larger, you can use an interior designer trick and hang the curtain rod just below the ceiling.

3. What Size Curtain Rod Looks Best

Your curtain rod or drapery rod would be wider than the width of your window. This allows you to pull the curtains to the sides when open and they won't block your view to the outside. This also makes your space look larger.

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Your curtain rod should be 8 to 12 inches wider than your window for the best results. This will allow you 4 to 6 inches of rod length on each side of the window. If you want the illusion that your window is much wider than it actually is, extend the rod up to 10 inches beyond the window frame on both sides of the window. If you need help from the interior design expert team, Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design is just one call away.

4. Choosing the Drapery Rod

Your curtain rod and the finials on the ends of it should complement your drapery fabric. Heavier fabrics should be hung on thicker rods and light and sheer fabrics should be on lightweight and dainty curtain rods. Your drapery hardware should also complement the room. If you have oil-rubbed bronze hardware in the room, then choose a similar curtain rod.

5. How to Hang the Curtain Rod Brackets

You'll need a measuring tape, curtain rod brackets, screws, and a pencil. Mark the desired position of your curtain rod brackets so that the rod is at least 4 to 6 inches above your window frame. The curtain rod brackets should be about 6 inches or so from the outside edge of the window so you can get plenty of light when the window treatments are open. Use a screwdriver to mount your curtain rod brackets and use a level to make sure both on each side of the window are level with each other. If you choose heavy curtains or drapes, you may need to add wall anchors so the brackets are very secure on your wall.

How to Hang the Curtain Rod Brackets

6. How to Hang the Curtains and Drapes

Put your curtains or drapes on the curtain rod. If you have grommets or eye holes or tab tops on your drapes, you will thread the curtain rod through them. A rod pocket top has a small pocket at the top of the curtain or drapery panels to thread the rod through. You can attach the panels with curtain rings or clips for other styles of curtains and drapes. Then you simply set the rod onto the brackets on the wall and make sure your rod is secure. That's it!! You now have the perfect window treatment in St. Louis, and you did it yourself.

Other Types of Window Treatments For St. Louis Custom Draperies

The instructions above on how to hang your drapery and curtain panels are for a very basic window treatment. You can really dress your windows up when you use other styles of window treatments such as swags and jabots, soft valances, top treatments, or custom window cornices. At Sunshine Drapery, we have over 50 years of experience making your windows shine with class and style. Contact Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design for the highest quality custom window treatments and find out why we are your premier expert window treatment company in Missouri.
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