Keep or Replace: Decor Styles From The 60’s to the 00’s

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Decorating Styles for the 60's to the 00's

Many homeowners retain some of their furnishings from many years past as a sort of nostalgic piece that they love. Others may be looking for an antique piece to add to their decor so they may have a new look from an older item. Learning what was popular during what year can help you to make a decision on keeping an older item or upgrading it to something new.

1960's: The age of Flower Power

The 1960's brought its decade of decor into a distinct floral pattern. Florals weren't invented in this time, although they became very popular along with unusual furniture designs and paisley fabrics in the drapery and upholstery. The majority of people wanted to feel young and hip and this included the over 40's crowd as well. You can find flower power, brightly colored beanbag chairs and brightly colored pod chairs that were characterized in an informal home attire. Deep pile shag carpets that often undergone carpet cleaning by experts like Boise Carpet Cleaning by Maas, were popular and loved for the softness on your bare feet. Kitchens displayed prominent avocado green appliances and the family room always contained wood paneling. Getting your hands on the best carpets is not enough. It is also important to get the right carpet cleaners, like Zerorez carpet cleaning in cincinnati, to take care of the same. Great items to keep in your home from the 1960's would be any organic or custom-built furniture for a retro feel. If you still have competing colors and patterns, they should probably be replaced. Tie-dye is great for a t-shirt, but not so great as a decorating trend today, as it would be considered gaudy.

1970's: Mellowing out

The 1970's brought with it a trend in decor that is much more mellow than the previous decade. It included many more mellow and earthy tones. Out with the bright furniture and flowery decoration and in with the subtle colors, such as browns, golds and greens. Houseplants were very popular in most every room of the house with subtle tones in the pottery and they were hung from the ceiling in macramé plant hangers of subtle or light colors. The wood paneling and shag carpets remained in the 1970's and were engulfed in wall to wall carpeting that was even in the bathrooms in this manner. The wall art became geometric and wicker furniture was very popular. If you happen to have an avocado green or harvest gold refrigerator, even it it's not working--it can still be used in your kitchen or in another room for storage. So many homeowners loved the colors that presently some manufacturers are making new appliances in the retro colors. The shag carpet is most probably already been replaced in your home with newer flooring. The deep pile was definitely a chore to keep clean and most opt for easier upkeep on their floors.

1980's: Simultaneously Terrific and Horrific

This decade was an explosion of differing styles all clashed together in homes. The popcorn ceilings were definitely of this era as was the accent borders in rooms. However, the wallpaper prints used for the accent borders were large and colorful, which is definitely out of style now. Girl's little canopy beds became a fresh decor in the 80's along with frilly tablecloths and many pillows on the beds. Oversized wall art, lots of wallpaper and furniture that resembled sculptures were also popular. Laminate flooring became the norm in kitchens and frosted glass was popular in bathroom windows. This was also a decade of pretty in pink--as it was found throughout homes on painted walls and accessories in most rooms. You can replace the overstated accent borders of wallpaper with decorative wood and tile flooring instead. Popcorn ceilings were one of the worst trends in decor ever and have most likely all been removed from your home. You can have faux finishes on your walls by painting them with sponges for a texture that is not too strongly stated. Most of the pink and salmon peach colors are not very attractive in homes today--so you may wish to change them for a more updated appearance.

1990's: We are too Busy to Decorate!!

In this era, teenagers were going to raves and many styles were emerging such as the Computer Age, Grunge, Hip-Hop, and Techno everything was speeding up. Parents discovered the 24-hour news channels and were connected to it in their waking hours to be up to date on everything. More households had two income families and fewer homemakers. Interior decorating moved to minimalism with stainless steel appliances, open floor plans, sleek lines and geometric shaped mirrors. Low maintenance items were definitely in including hard surfaces for floors and kitchen countertops were filled with gadgets to make cooking quicker and easier. Floral sofas, wallpaper and all traces of frills and lace were stripped from homes. Enormous sofas with many throw pillows took over the living rooms in the 1990's and accent walls became a sleek manner to add color to the otherwise minimalist rooms of a home. Stainless steel appliances are still popular today. Instead of one that is plain and just washes your dishes you can choose a new model that conserves water and energy and a refrigerator with a stereo system and Wi-Fi along with an espresso machine on the countertop in your kitchen. You can visit the website for more details.

2000's: Eclectic and Balanced

The minimalist appearance seems to be here to stay along with the open floor plans. Many homes adopted a more individualized and comfortable feel of their own taste in decor. Classic furniture designs have taken over the oversized sofas and low profile TV's are on the scene to stay. Most homes add a bit of the design elements of the 60's and 70's to make their home individual and bring timeless elegance to the present day. The focus on lighting design is much different in this decade. Track lighting became very popular to mix with accent lighting and task lighting for layers of light in a room that is very useful in creating an interior that is as visually appealing as it is convenient. We may look back on some of the trends of the past and shudder, however some items from past decorating trends can be incorporated into your home to truly make it your own. Each passing decade brings new decor and you can take a bit of each dying trend and bring it to the present decade.
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