How to Decorate Your Home with Bold Tropical Colors

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When you bring lovely bold tropical colors inside your home, you will feel as if every day is a vacation in your favorite destination. Use your beachy hues like papaya, seafoam green, and bright yellow sunshine to create a paradise indoors. Many homeowners and DIY interior designers would like to bring some bold colors into their home, however, it has to be accomplished in a process so you don't overwhelm a room and make it so busy that it distracts people.

Go All In with Green

Palm tree fronds sport different hues of dark and light green in the sunlight. You can infuse a space with different shades of green to play on this color scheme. You can consider a living room with a green coffee table and add some accent lamps on end tables in another shade of green. When you upholster your furniture to match, consider some bold geometric patterns in shades of blue and green. With this much color in a room, especially if the room isn't very large, you will want to balance the intense colors with some neutral shades. White wainscoting is a great idea or decorative custom draperies in tan or off white solid color.

Popping Papaya

If you've ever been looking for fresh papaya in a grocery store, you know that just scanning the aisles of produce for the brightest orange item will help you to find it quickly. Papaya orange is a very bright color and therefore a little goes a long way. You can incorporate some orange into a living room with accents such as throw pillows, an end table or a footstool. You can also add a bit of green and blue to the room so the orange doesn't take over the entire space.

Luscious Lime

Lime green is a great color addition to any seaside theme in any room of your home. In the bathroom, you can add a simple lime green sink for a bright pick me up. Lime goes well with shades of blue, tan and white, which are considered seaside colors. If you have only one item in lime in a room, you can have custom draperies with accents of lime in them to tie in the entire room to your lime theme.

Brilliant Blues

You can find a huge assortment of shades of blue to decorate any room in. You may consider a custom rug in a particular shade of blue that you just love such as a country blue in a lighter hue or a sea spray blue in a brilliant and bold hue. Patterned reupholstered chairs go well to accent the same tone of blue in a living room, dining room or a bedroom. When you add a rug, chair and patterned pillows in the same shade of blue, the entire room will be bathed in all blue beauty. Using subtle textures and patterns will add movement to a blue space as it creates the illusion of gentle, rocking waves to any area.

Hot Hibiscus

When decorating with hibiscus, you should stick to the purest end of the spectrum of the lovely orange-pink color as possible without any dulling gray or brown undertones. You will get high impact on the bold hues and saturation in a room that is dazzling as the color of a hibiscus flower. Wallpaper in an orange-pink color makes a bold statement and remember that this color can be quite overwhelming, so decorate in this color in a small area, such as a small bathroom or powder room.

Stunning Sunshine Yellow

A coat of bright yellow paints works well in a larger space on one wall of the room for a statement wall. It performs the best in rooms with ample windows for sunlight to enter and brighten the entire space in a cheery yellow glow. This works well in a 3 season sunroom, a breezeway or any room that gets a lot of light through the windows. Bright yellow is an outdoor type theme that plays well with wicker accents as a natural product and fresh green plants as well as green accents. Adding a valance to your drapery with yellow and green in it along with matching tiebacks will give you the most bang for your buck in a sunny all year round room.

Sumptuous Sea Glass Green

Do you remember long years ago, when you searched on a beach for sea glass? Maybe you hoped to find a message in a bottle that drifted in from a deserted island with one person on it. You can reminisce about those moments and make them permanent with a beautiful seagrass green theme in any room or space. In the kitchen, you can add a glass tile backsplash to update it and make it look exciting again. In a bathroom, you can add sea glass green tile to the shower or on the floor for a bright and shiny appearance. This color is great for adding to custom draperies in a room with sea glass green when you leave the rest of the color palette neutral in white or off white.

Perky Pineapple

Sweet juicy pineapple isn't only for Pina Coladas but makes a great accent color in a space. Try out a deep shade of yellow that looks like a very ripe and juicy pineapple. It will give your space a pop of color to make it interesting. Pineapple works well in just about any space, but if you choose to go all out and use pineapple print in your draperies or as your wallpaper, keep it to a smaller room so it's not overwhelming.

Bountiful Navy Blue

Deep navy blue is a great color for any decor. It can be found in many different items, such as couches, chair cushions, draperies with patterns, glass trinkets, rugs and just about anything you can imagine. If you are brave enough, try a deep navy blue paint on one wall in a room for your statement wall. Then add in pieces with other bright colors that complement it such as wall art in yellow and green hues or bright pink flowers in a refreshing green vase. Consider choosing a rug with all of the bold tropical colors in the room to tie them in together. and Style your window treatments with one of the bright rug colors for a bright and cheery room of any kind and any size. Many people are really skeptical of using bright and bold colors to decorate with. However, color is not anything to be afraid of. The best way to attempt it is to start with small accents of your bold color and then add in other accent pieces until the room looks perfect for your taste. If it starts to look overwhelming, just remove some of the tropical colors to achieve your perfect style.
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