Decorating a Vacation Home

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Your vacation home – whether it’s a beach cottage or a small cabin - should reflect that “getaway” feeling. This home should be filled with practical, comfortable furnishings and accessories that epitomize a slower, less formal lifestyle. Decorating a vacation home doesn't have to be tough. You create that look with sensible decorating choices. Sofas and overstuffed chairs can be slip covered for easy cleaning. Floors, ideally, should be hard surfaces like wood, laminate or tile for quick clean-ups. Add the occasional throw rug to insert color, pattern and warmth in the room. Decorating a vacation homeWindow treatments should be simple and require minimal maintenance. The wide variety of blinds and shades available today provides options for every room and every décor. A shutter or wood blind in white creates the perfect beach cottage look, but the same products in a rich wood tone will work just as well in a woodland cabin. For those craving the soft look of draperies, there are many lightweight, informal fabrics that will enhance the rest of the décor and frame that breathtaking view. Bedrooms in these vacation retreats are all about comfort. Think about waking up on a cool morning, snuggling beneath a cozy duvet or having breakfast in bed surrounded by a pile of plump pillows. Pure contentment!   Also remember, color sets the stage. Blue and white are conventional “beach” colors, but there is a wide range of hues to delight any homeowner. Cabins are often decorated in the colors of nature; brown, green, yellow and rust. And, finally, down-to-earth accessories carry your theme throughout the house. Sea shells, roping and sand sculptures depict the beach life you love. Birds nest and botanicals remind you of the beauty in the nature all around you. This is your refuge. Put your feet up and relax!

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