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In the Midwest, those warm, outdoor-living months are short so we must make the most of them. Whether your outdoor furniture consists of a patio, deck, or screened in porch, you can easily “ramp up” the visual appeal of your outdoor space. It’s amazing what fabric, paint (or stain) and lights can do! Just like the interior of your home, using these tools for decorating your outdoor living space can enhance your outdoor experience. There are many beautiful outdoor fabrics that are soil, stain and water repellent and resistant to mildew. Because they come in a multitude of colors and a wide range of prints, you are sure to find the perfect fabric for your outdoor living space. Are your existing patio furniture cushions worn and faded? Replace them with new, updated ones and add some coordinating pillows. Where possible, hang outdoor drapes to give you privacy and protection from the noon day sun. Fresh paint with the help of painting contractors can brighten your outdoor space, immeasurably. For even more eye appeal, you can stencil the Outdoor Living Spacefloor with your favorite design. A variety of stencils are available in craft and hardware stores and through online vendors. None of these steps requires skills or creativity beyond those of the average homeowner. In a matter of days, your deck or patio can go from blah to wow! And, finally, extend the hours you can use your deck/patio with outdoor lighting. You should have general task lighting for those evening barbeques and string lighting for special events. Add path lights for easy navigation and landscape lighting to highlight your homes best features like your artificial grass or swimming pool construction and to create a welcoming exterior. You can see contact details of a reputed landscaping company over here to seek their services. When decorating, it doesn’t matter whether you are working indoors or outdoors. The keys to a fresh, new look are fabric, paint and lighting.

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