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Your son is off to college across the state. You’ve been eyeing his room since before he left, certain that it would make an excellent man cave. Your wife has chosen her favorite furniture and arranged it throughout the house. Now it’s your turn. You envision dark chocolate leather reclining chairs with dark wood tables to set your coffee on. Window treatments like your favorite dark wood plantation shutters will keep the sun’s glare from hitting the TV during the game. A few pennants on the wall, a couple shelves for your trophies and a rack for your ball cap collection and you’ll be set. Right? How about a few tips?


DMCV601_man-cave-after-projection-screen_s4x3_lgTake down your son’s curtains and replace them with your favorite window coverings. They should block the cold but still allow light in the room. Wood blinds or faux wood blinds would look good with your new leather furniture and tables. Have you considered contrasting materials with your custom furniture? Roman shades would be a nice contrast to your colors using neutral hues. Often called honeycomb shades, cellular shades are constructed of many pockets much like a honeycomb. They block heat and cold very well and look fantastic. They can be installed half and half, so the top can be lowered for light while blocking the majority of the glare. These, too, come in myriad colors and fabrics. One will match your man cave perfectly.

Custom Furniture

Why settle for an ordinary reclining chair from a local showroom when you can design your own? Want a cup holder in the arm of the chair? Done. Could you use a pocket on the side of the chair for the TV guide, the remote and your glasses? Done. Want your chair in the softest leather with the firmest support? You got it. Want it in your favorite team’s colors? No problem. But why stop there? Go ahead and design a couple ottomans or a coffee table, end tables or shelving for your trophies and hat collection. Mix and match woods, glass or tiled table tops to make your custom furniture your own statement. After all, it’s your man cave; make it about you. A designer is just waiting for you to call so you can get started.  

Custom Bedding

If you’d rather watch ESPN all weekend and not disturb the family, why not put a small bed in your man cave? While you’re designing your custom furniture and planning the window coverings, why not design your bed coverings as well? You’ll be the envy of your friends. They’ll have same-old same-old bed coverings from department stores while you’ll have fresh, different and personal bedding on yours. In fact, the bedding could complement the furniture and window coverings or it could contrast with them. All in all, you’ll have a look that is pure you, custom made and of the finest quality hand-made materials. You might need to kick your friends out of your man cave because they’ll want the same things you have!
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