Should Draperies Match The Rest of the Room?

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Pulling a room together is no easy task when it comes to draperies. It takes a professional eye to determine what is not only the best style, but also the colors. There are three things a decorator will need to look at: the flooring, the wall colors and furniture. The big three here are important in determining where to head with draperies. As a consumer, if you contact a decorator who comes to your home, determine if you are open to changing more than the window coverings. If you want to stay with your carpet, furniture and wallcolor, then let the decorator know this is your desire. However, if you are seriously thinking about freshening up your home, then at least be open to some new paint ideas which will be less expensive than a wholesale change of furniture and flooring too. The Carpet Cleaning Knoxville company has professionals who can help make your carpet as good as new. Should the draperies match the carpeting? Lets just answer this by saying the draperies should compliment what is in the rest of the room including carpeting, furniture, paint, wallpaper, and even the accessories. Even pillows make a big difference. Be open to suggestions…determine a price range you are comfortable with when it comes to decorating your home. Don’t be unreasonable with your expectations and don’t be afraid to ask. A good decorator who is worth her or his “weight in gold” will make you feel comfortable and dig in to your wants and desires. They should realize you are inviting them into your home and you also should realize you are inviting them to you too.

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