Sunshine Drapery sliding glass doors window treatment
53Large windows are often a valued architectural element of a home, yet there is the issue of privacy and light control. Here are some winodw treatment tips for dressing some common large window elements: Cathedral or Palladian-Style If seeking privacy, use curtains on the lower half installing a traverse or curtain rod at a pleasant breaking point that leaves the upper windows exposed. Or try vertical shades with a swag or valance to soften the effect. Transoms Hang a scarf along the transom to break the harsh light of a sunset. Another option is to use shirred curtains anchored at the top of each transom. Of course, you can also use specialty shaped vertical or cellular shades.   Bay or Bow Windows The first decision is to decide whether to treat the windows individually or as a group. If opting for individual styling, then try matching shades, blinds or shutters - this is a nice place for plantation shutters. Tieback curtains also create a nice effect. As a group, place a curved-bow-window rod or standard curtain rod on the wall above and treat with curtains.
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