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Almost everybody wants to kick things up a notch in the bedroom – with bedding that is! Custom bedding is what transforms an ordinary bedroom into one that’s rich and luxurious. The question is, how do you add bling to your bed without it looking overdone or ridiculous? Shh! We’ll let you in on a little secret. Creating an amazing sealy nostromo 1400 king sizerequires three basic elements – functionality, top of bed and loft. Here’s how the designers do it. Sunshine custom bedding and window treatmentsWhen it comes to the functionality of your bed, we’re talking about the pieces that touch your body – the sheets, blankets and pillows. Even though your sheets aren’t likely to be visible, it’s important not to skimp on your sheets or blankets. Creating a comfortable and luxurious sleeping experience means surrounding your body with fabrics like high-quality Egyptian cotton. Look for sheets made with quality cotton, ideally 600 thread count for its luxurious feel that also lets your body breathe. Make sure the fitted sheet is deep enough for your mattress. Extend the life of your sheets by washing them on the gentle cycle and drying them on low heat, taking them out of the dryer right before they’re completely dry. Not only should your sheets breathe, your blankets should be too. Coverlets, matelassé’s and duvet fillers should be easy to clean and breathable while providing warmth. Allergy sufferers will want to be mindful of feather fillings. If you suffer from allergies, be sure to avoid down comforters as they contain goose feathers which can irritate allergies. Once you’ve selected your sheets and blankets, you’re ready to create the look you want on the top of your bed, the part that will be seen. The top of your bed is like formal gown that covers your undergarments. If a luxurious bedroom is the look you’re after, then the bed spread or comforter is one you won’t sit on, won’t use as a blanket, won’t allow the pets on and won’t wash. In most cases luxury custom bedding will need to be dry cleaned. To give your luxury bedding the “Wow” factor, you can use as many layers and pillows as you want. But keep in mind that the more layers and pillows, the more work it will take to make the bed. If time is an issue, you’ll want to opt for a more streamlined or minimalist look. Check out the pictures on our custom bedding page for inspiration. Pillow top mattresses require extra fabric and super queen or super king duvets and coverlets in order to hang down far enough on the sides of your mattress. Sunshine Drapery can help.   Finally, a big part of what makes some beds look more luxurious than others is loft. Loft refers to how full and fluffy the bedding appears. Beds that look lofty and inviting are those with duvet fillers as a blanket, stuffed with the proper fillers. To make your bed comfortable and get the look you want, you’ll want to invest in the fillers that give it the fullness you’re after. Allergy sufferers should avoid feather fills. If feather fills bother you, opt for poly fill or a combo poly/feather fill instead. Skimping on filling will make your bed look cheap. What makes a luxurious duvet look lofty is 2-3 duvet fillers. Super queen and king duvets require super queen and king duvet fillers. By incorporating functionality, top of bed and loft elements to custom bedding you’ll have the magazine-quality style look you always wanted in a bed.

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