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Amid the top handful of 2017 trends for window treatments is updating with, or somehow incorporating, earth-toned colors. But don't envision only beige! This year, many people are gravitating toward matte finishes and understated textures when decorating. Along with that indoor garnishing initiative, more and more are leaning toward earthy colors in drapes. Visualize pastels, such as blush pink, greens and lavenders — not necessarily the brown, black or gray earth tones many people think of. Three other earth tones in-between the spectrum would be sienna, ochre and umber.

Consider the color associations of these various practical hues:

  • Blush pink: symbolizes tenderness, peace, lightheartedness, carefree joy, playfulness, health and happiness.
  • Green: signals growth, health, environment and harmony.
  • Lavender: suggests refinement, grace, elegance, delicate, precious, purity, devotion and something special.
  • Sienna (reddish-brown or brownish-yellow): proposes open, natural, Italian and earthiness.
  • Ochre (pale yellow to an orange or reddish yellow): evokes beginnings, clay, rebirth, French and intensity.
  • Umber (brownish): implies dusk, shade, shadows, grounded and warmth.
Regardless of the earth tones with which you'd like to embellish your rooms, the idea is to select natural colors for window treatments that fit in with a lot of décor options. In general, rooms decorated in earth tones have a gentle, welcoming feel and a sense of timelessness. By definition, "earth colors" are associated with pigments found in minerals, rocks, soil and inorganic substances. Perhaps the reason that restful earth colors are popular right now is that on some psychological level, they are "homogeneous" in nature, meaning they can induce a sense of harmony and consistency into hectic lives. These colors help ground us in fast-paced routines. Some people feel earth-colored window treatments with more natural shades better let in diffused light, so they can see what's going on outside, while still having some privacy. Additionally, while decorative hardware for window coverings has been dominated by metallics and sparkle for quite some time, now the trend is returning to wood and natural textures. Others enjoy the contrasts that earth tones allow, such as pairing up light-colored greens with deep, dark browns and accenting reds to bring a relaxing warmth to rooms. For window treatments in a room that already has earth tones, natural or natural-looking shades and products can complete the overall look. Wood tones and bamboo-like fabric colors are obvious choices to help bring out rustic charm. Roller shades with natural-looking fabrics blend with an earth-toned decor, for example. If still undecided, consider going back to basics and selecting a neutral colored shade other than white. That way, the neutral won’t compete with or distract fromother colors in the room. And you can choose to use other decorative items in the earth-toned palette to enhance your natural decor. If you’re trying to make your own unique design ideas come to life,we're eager to assist you with creating the right aura through your new window treatments. It's deeply comforting to decorate with earth tones because they can add warmth and vibrancy at the same time.
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