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The bohemian chic aesthetic is a look that interior designers have loved for decades. The word “bohemian” describes “a person who lives in a very informal style that is different from the way most people live,” according to the Cambridge Dictionary. When it comes to its application within the home, bohemian styles often consist of many patterns and layered textures. The intent of a bohemian interior space is to conjure an environment that is relaxed, cozy, and unique to the individual living in the home. Because the word bohemian emphasizes a personalized and unconventional way of living, its look is also very subjective depending on whose home you’re in and their understanding of the style.

Feel Light and Relaxed with Bohemian Style Window Treatments

Some elements that frequently appear in bohemian-inspired rooms include plays on pattern, botanicals, furniture that is low to the ground, distressed surfaces, bright colors, metallics, and mirrors. Oftentimes, the accessories, furniture, and decorations in rooms imply a worldly sense, and represent the romanticized grandeur of living a nomadic lifestyle. While the bohemian interior space is meant to evoke a relaxed, laid-back, and low-key atmosphere, the window treatments should be grand and towering. Natural light is a vital component of bohemian styles, especially when the windows open up towards nature or scenic, earthly views. Since bohemian furniture is often lower to the ground, tall and stretching windows complement the space and make it appear larger than it already is. Personalizing your windows so they mirror the bohemian aesthetic is an easy and effective way to perfect this look in your domestic space. There are a variety of ways that something as simple as your windows can be transformative as you decorate your boho-chic home.

Floral Patterns

As mentioned earlier, nature is a key component in achieving the boho look, as are patterns. By installing curtains that have floral patterns on them, you can guarantee that there are elements of nature in your space no matter where you may live. You can also use floral patterns as a means of creating cohesiveness between the wall color and busier prints. One option for styling the curtains is having them drape from to the floor, which will emphasize the tall stretch of the room from top to bottom. Don’t be afraid to let your curtains hang freely and without confinement if you have extra material because grand, draping appearances also complement boho rooms.

Wooden Accents

Another way of accenting natural elements is by installing wooden blinds into your windows. By using products like wooden shades, you’ll be introducing earthy tones into your room. These can also be another means of creating unity within all the chaos of mismatched patterns and colors, specifically by matching the wood on the blinds with the wood on other furniture, such as a table, desk, couch legs, or chair. Small decisions like these will allow you to accomplish a natural, earthy look while still maintaining interior cohesiveness.

Designer Roller Shades

Whether you choose a floral print or solid color, roller shades are a great opportunity to introduce large swaths of fabric. These shades can be especially beautiful if they catch the sunlight from outside when you pull them, which adds another element of layering and dimension into your space. If you want to lean away from pattern, you can also consider roller shades with woven textures. This will also contribute towards your earthy, bohemian feel.

Play with Beads

One element that makes exotic patterns and fabrics so playful is their elaborate beading. By installing window treatments that are accented with beads, you’ll be able to mirror a similarly exotic appearance. Beads can be fastened at the bottom of drapes, along the edges of shades, and onto drapery ties.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Consider windows that don’t cut themselves short. Long, expansive windows alter the appearance of the room so it seems larger, especially when paired with furniture that is low to the floor. By providing the illusion, the greatness of the room will be amplified and bold accents, like your colors, patterns, textures, and prints, can stand out even more. Having floor to ceiling windows also allows for more natural light to pour in and to see outside more clearly. This creates a heightened natural presence if your windows open towards a landscape or a view with many greens.

Mirrored Hardware

Try to incorporate rods, accents, films, or framing that has metal or mirrored elements. Similar to the beading component of window treatments, both mirrors and metals have a bohemian flare to them. Also, consider looking into antique mirror films for either near or on your window. These films have a more rustic and vintage feel to them, which is another staple in boho interior design.

Don’t Be Shy

Regardless of what window treatments you select for your bohemian space, don’t be shy to experiment. The whole purpose of this style is to create a room that is unique to you and unconventional compared to the more traditional rules of interior design. Bohemian styles allow you to mix and match so many different parts of the room, but it’s important to have a solid foundation in place that allows you to do so. With careful consideration of your curtains, drapes, shades, blinds, size, and placement of windows, you’ll have a strong premise for your relaxing, boho chic room.
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