The Farmhouse Kitchen: Crazy, Fun Kitchen Theme Ideas

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There's one crazy, fun kitchen theme that has been around for decades. Sometimes it's wildly popular, at other times it's only for die-hard fans, but it never disappears completely. We're talking about the perennially popular rooster and friends. Yes, friends, because once you've added a rooster you'll need some hens and chicks so that your little 'kitchen chicken' family is complete. Of course, once you've got chickens in your kitchen, you just might find that a cow (or three!) have moved in, too. And then thepig salt & pepper shakers show up and it's official. You have a farmhousekitchen! We're not saying that's a bad thing, either. After all, there's a reason kitchen 'livestock' have been popular for so long. They evoke the warm, slower-paced, family friendly feeling of a farm even in the hustle and bustle of a city. Just like an old-fashioned farmhouse sink and bead board wainscoting,your kitchen livestock will tell the world that your kitchen is a cozy, unpretentious place to gather with family and friends. So, how can you create that great, fun farmhouse feeling in your kitchen? That depends on the scale of your kitchen remodeling project and how far you want to go. If you decide to go 'whole hog' you may want to start with that porcelain farmhouse sink and beadboard wainscoting. But first we recommend you to make sure the plumbing system works properly. Check out for some major causes of plumbing damage and contact your local plumber to fix it if you can spot any problems - click here. Then install butcher block countertops, rustic cabinet hardware, and a barn red accent wall. Oh, and you might want to paint your cabinets white. Wide wooden planks or classic black and white checkered tile flooring will 'ground' the look. After you determine the look and style of your new kitchen, you may start ordering the necessary kitchen remodeling supplies. A simpler, and less expensive,way to go is to just add the livestock accent pieces. Try to find pieces that coordinate with the style and colors of your current kitchen. To give your new collection a cohesive feel, look for pieces that have a similar style and colors. If most of your pieces are sleek ceramic, that primitive wooden roosterwill look a bit out-of-place. If you go for an eclectic look, he'll probably fit right in with even the sleekest ceramic cow. The trick to a successful eclectic collection is to use a wide variety of pieces with different textures andstyles. Even then, it's best to stick to a somewhat limited palette of related colors. Popular colors include warm whites, neutral taupes and grays, barn or brick reds,dusty or faded blues, natural greens, and sunny yellows.Wood and baskets can add additional textural interest and their natural browns help tie everything together.Popular patterns include gingham, plaids, stripes and color blocking. Even simple ticking invites a closer look. You can carry the colors through by selecting some new cookware in timeless, porcelain-coated cast iron for meals with that delicious, slow-cooked farm fresh flavor! Serve them up onsome 'country fresh' dishes andusethe same style table linens your great-grandmother used on her real farm table. Add an old blue coffee pot with blue and yellow flowersor a simplecanning jar filled with whitedaisies and your guests will think you've 'gone country' for sure! For a little fancier country look, wrap those canning jar vases with wide strips of burlaptopped withnarrower bands of lace; tie everything in place with jute cord.Nestle a rooster or cow figurine underacouple of those vases for the perfect country centerpiece. Of course, you'll want to tie everything together with curtains, shades,or shutters. A design consultant can help you choose the perfect finishing touch for your new farmhouse kitchen look.Early in the process, agood consultant can even help you choose the paint colors, cabinet hardware, and throw rugsthat willtransform yourplain old kitchen into a great farmhouse gathering place!

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