How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep with ‘Appropriate’ Window Coverings.

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Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to one of the smallest states in our country..Vermont. Twice a year I meet with other owners who sell primarily window coverings called The International Window Covering Exchange. We are all very much into decorating via our shop at home business and we are from various spots around the United States and our friends to the North, Canada. As an owner, I am constantly looking for ideas and things my peers do in all segments of the business…you name it….hiring, advertising, expense issues, etc…etc.. I told my wife that it gets lonely at the top sometimes, but I always ask questions and listen and am not afraid to share with my peers. While I was there, I had the most incredible night’s sleep I have had in years. I have to admit that it was primarily due to the blackout draperies in the hotel room. For years, my wife has begged me to get room darkening shades as the cellular products we have in our room allow us to know when the sun is coming up. My excuse for not doing this has been simple..I don’t want to feel like I am living in darkness and I want to know when its morning. Well, I have to say the time has come for me to rethink my entire thought process. I was refreshed getting such great sleep because when I opened my eye at 6am when the sun was just coming up, I fell back asleep and felt peaceful. I eventually woke up to the hotel wake- up call and realized as long as I had an alarm clock, a wake-up call, or even my cell phone, I had it all wrong.   Now I am not saying everyone should go buy hotel blackout draperies. Yes, we produce these frequently and it’s a great option. But there are so many other choices. I mentioned I have cellular shades in my house that let light in…Well, these come in room darkening too!!! Shutters are great controlling light as well as room darkening screen and roller shades. The options are endless. So if you think you have issues like I have described, then join me and order some new window treatments for your home or even your business !

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