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When it comes to reflecting your personal design tastes in your home,window treatments provide one of the best opportunities to make a statement. Use bright colors to make a bold statement or sheers and neutrals for a more subtle approach. No matter what you choose the designers at Sunshine Drapery can help you find the perfect window treatmentsfor your home. The possibilities are endless and that’s why Sunshine Drapery offers a complete range of Hunter Douglas window covering solutions to meet your stylepreferencesand needs.With endless choices, the selection process can be daunting. Here are some things to consider. For homeowners looking for energy efficient window treatments, window insulation is essential. Nearly 50% of a home’sheating and cooling energy has the potential of being lost through its windows. Fortunately, window fashions from Hunter Douglas are all insulated. This means your home has increased protection against heat loss in the winter and the sun’s heat or “solar heat”in the summer. Architellafabrics from Hunter Douglas’sDuetteCollection are part of the new energy efficient window coverings. In the winter the heat inside your home moves toward your windows and escapes outdoors. But in the summer, thanks to the sun beating down on your house most of the day, heat flows into your home. In addition to being energy efficient, many Hunter Douglas window fashions have high R-values. This means the product has the ability to resist heat flow which helps reduce energy consumption. Materials with high R-values help to create a comfortable temperature in your home’s living spaces as well as a savings on heating and cooling costs. Part of the complexity of selecting window treatments for homeowners living in St. Louis is finding materials that allow solar heat in during the frigid winter months while preventing solar heat from getting trapped in your rooms during the hot and humid summer months. This is why Hunter Douglas has designed window treatments that reduce the amount of solar heat that passes through a window. You can control the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) in your rooms by having Hunter Douglas window treatments installed to protect your home from the brutal St. Louis summer heat and prevent your rooms from becoming overly hot and uncomfortable. By controlling the SHGC in your rooms you’ll reduce the cost of cooling your home during the summer.   Another way Hunter Douglas window treatments save you money is their ability to accommodatedaylighting, the practice of lighting rooms with natural light instead of with electricity. Hunter Douglas window treatments allow you to control how much natural light you want to come into your rooms. Sheers and other styles diffuse the light as it enters. You can tilt louvers, slats, blinds, panels and vanesto direct incoming light into a room. When you draw natural light into a room you reduce your need for lighting that relies on electricity, further reducing your energy needs and costs. One of the best features Hunter Douglas window treatments provide is lift systems. With the Power-rise option you can lower and raise your shades with just one touch of a button. If youprefer a child or pet friendly option, consider the Ultra-glide feature which allows the cord to stay once length when the shade is either raised or lowered. Or with the simple lift of your hand you can lift your Hunter Douglas shade from the bottom with the Light-rise cordless option. Others prefer Easy-Rise because of its continuous fabric cord mounted to the window casing. Still others choose the Bead Chain Clutch option for its continuous metal or plastic bean chain that’s mounted on the window casing.  

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