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Spruce up the most popular space in your home by implementing one of our living room window treatments ideas. Most homeowners spend more waking hours in the living room or den than any other room in the house. If you do most of your entertaining or television-watching in the living room, you should probably design it in a way that you will love for months. Below, you can find some of our favorite window treatment concepts.

The Best Shades for Living Room Windows

The living room serves as the center of activity for your home. In the living room, you entertain guests, watch movies with family and friends, and celebrate holidays. So, your living room should always look its best. From cellular shades to wood blinds to draperies, you’ll find no shortage of shade options when deciding on window treatments to match the style of your living room.

Cellular Shades

Improve the energy efficiency of your home and stay fashionable at the same time with cellular shades! As one of the best shades for living room windows, cellular shades create an extra layer of insulation by trapping air within their multiple, individual cells. Some of the latest cellular shades possess cells within cells for added insulation. Choose from a wide variety of pleat sizes, textures, opacities, colors, and patterns to customize your living room and make it a truly unique space within your home. Cellular shades open and close kind of like an accordion, so you can choose whether they open from the top or the bottom of your living room windows.

Roman Shades

Interior designers love incorporating roman shades into their room designs because of their elegance and simplicity. The clean, minimalist style of most roman shades appeals to homeowners who wish to feature other items of interest within their living rooms. You can install roman shades that come in either neutral or bold colors and a range of different textures. For added privacy and light control, consider purchasing a thick, dark back panel for a little extra versatility.

Solar Shades

Protect your furniture and floors from sun bleaching with solar shades! Solar shades, also called sun shades, consist of tightly woven fabric that blocks out most UV rays while allowing in as much visible light as possible. You can select solar shades that offer openness of 0% to 15%. Shades with 0% openness block all UV light but decrease visibility. Shades with 15% openness block fewer UVs, but allow you to enjoy the views from your windows.

Wood Blinds

Give your living room a classic, welcoming look with wood blinds. Wood makes for the perfect, natural insulator; so, wood blinds will block out a lot of heat when closed. Also, because wood blinds remain completely opaque, they will prohibit most light from entering the room. In the wake of the recent pandemic, more homeowners have chosen to bring nature inside their homes. As a result, wood features have enjoyed a dramatic comeback.


Draperiesadd a touch of class and elegance to a living room. Just make sure you don’t go too formal if you want your living room to feel comfortable. Save that for the dining room or master bedroom. Depending on the thickness of the fabric you chose, most draperies do a wonderful job of blocking out unwanted light. However, for a living room, you have the flexibility to select sheer fabric, like linen.


Whether you wish to turn your home into a country cottage or a Mediterranean retreat, shutters will deliver the look you want. Choose between wood, vinyl, or even metal shutters. They offer fantastic privacy and lots of added protection for your window panes. shutters for living room windows

Living Room Large Window Coverings

Many modern homes possess huge, oversized windows to take advantage of million-dollar views. However, covering such large pieces of glass requires modern solutions. Below, take a look at two of the best living room window treatments for large windows.

Vertical Blinds

Homeowners have usedvertical blindsfor decades to cover large windows. Unfortunately, opening and closing them can prove tedious when installed on especially wide window panes. Consider motorized verticals to save yourself time and effort. It will also impress your friends.

Sliding Panels

A recent trend involves the use of sliding panels to cover large windows. They add a more modern look than vertical blinds and come in a variety of different fabrics. You can also motorize them for a little extra showmanship when entertaining guests. Do you need help deciding which living room window treatments would suit your home the best? Call Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design at (314) 569-2980 to speak with a professional about how you’d like your home to look.
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