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Showcase Your Personality in Your Home Decor

The living spaces in your home should be an extension of who you are so you are very comfortable with the styles you choose. You can choose your decor to go with your personality or base it on a style of decor. You want to show your family, friends and guests the inner workings of your personality and let them peer into the things that you are the most passionate about. You can get some great ideas to choose for your passions or you can make decor selections depending on a particular decor style that matches your personality.

The Foodie

Many people are passionate about food, but some are really passionate about food. If you are a chef or a home chef in your own kitchen, you can display items that appeal to you as a foodie. Consider open shelving for all of your cabinets in the kitchen. You can stack all your clean dinner plates, cereal bowls and coffee cups and make them their own display. You need to be organized though, so it doesn't look jumbled up or messy though. You can add some glass jars to your kitchen countertops that are filled with vegetables to show that your kitchen is your unique place where you prepare great food.

The Techie

Are you a technology-centric type of person? Whether you are a social media guru, a graphic designer or a programmer you can find great ideas to match this personality type. Beef up your living room with a modern vibe by using light colors and choose minimalist furniture in cube shapes. This will give your home a futuristic vibe to mesh well with your techie personality.

The Bookworm

It's the age of e-reader where Kindles and iPads are trying to dominate the new world of reading. However, book apps on a tablet don't show off well as a visual aesthetic for your living space. Add shelving to a room and feature numerous books on it--the good old school type of books that you can touch and feel and then get lost in a great story. You can get creative and use hanging bookshelves that require no floor space to give your bookworm room a new and fresh feeling. Showing off your favorite books allows your visitors to strike up interesting conversations with you over the love of reading.

The Fashionista

If you are a fashionista, you probably already know what styles you love and want to display them accordingly. A modernist vibe works well for this personality with furnishings that show off clothing or jewelry. Consider necklace-adorned frames on your artwork that features different styles of clothing.

The Avid Sports Fan

If you love sports, then a nice display of sports memorabilia goes a long way when decorating a space. You can display signed sports photographs and gear, such as footballs and jerseys from your favorite teams and players. The best place to put these types of displays are in the room where you watch your teams play on television. Your sports memorabilia can get your visitors pumped up before the game even starts.

Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary and modern design styles are often confusing among homeowners because there are some similarities. Both styles incorporate clean and minimalist vibes with artistic and unusual flourishes, such as a gooseneck lamp or a brightly colored vase with flowers. Contemporary style is stark with metallic finishes and no fluff whatsoever. It has furnishings that are strategically placed. The flooring is usually concrete or stone. You would fit into a contemporary style with a clean lines, black leather sectional instead of an overstuffed couch. This style doesn't include throw pillows or blankets on the backs of chairs or books on bookshelves. It's easy to keep clean and lacks any and all traces of fuss.

Transitional Interior Design Style

Transitional design is often thought of as traditional--which isn't the same thing. Traditional design is all about the 18th century European styling with brocade window treatments, rich fabrics and patterns and tufted and padded furniture seats on top of dark carved wooden accents. Transitional styles include modern surprises such as a room with pink satin armchairs and an ornate fireplace with a sunburst wall clock in bronze and an ultra modern glass chandelier. A bright white end table with mirrors for legs would replace a heavy oak dresser. This is typical for a personality that likes a sort of messy and relaxed life. You can move the decor around without pillows needing to be placed strategically or fluffed. It combines traditional comfort and modern flair to be interesting and beautiful and this style is family friendly with any type of flooring you wish.

Urban Modern Interior Design Style

This is a modern design style that is geared toward city living at its best. It includes lofts with walls made of a synthetic brick material, big windows, high ceilings with exposed beams, an airy feel with lightweight window treatments and all of the elements are combined with the aspects of living in a small apartment in the city. You may find a coffee table with an odd shape and legs of an elephant. Glass, metal and soft wood accents are often included in urban modern. This style works well if you already have large windows and high ceilings and flooring is usually dark shades of wood or polished stone. Use andersen doors to get the style you need to compliment your design style.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

The classical elements of this style are timeless and show no age. It is characterized by warm maple and oak wood, stained in light colors with white fluffy area rugs. You will also see green indoor plants in modern metal vases. It has a vibe of kind of bare, but homey and warm at the same time with simple and clean lines, many varied textures in window treatments, furniture and throws with bright colorful accents that pop. The furniture is simple and compact with a modern appealing shape. Floors are generally vinyl planks or light colored hardwood flooring.

Industrial Interior Design Style

As the name implies, this style is like something you would find in a factory setting that is old or new. The rustic end might include an old cart with weathered wood and rusted wheels that holds houseplants. The modern end of the spectrum includes straight lines and stainless steel. Imperfection is the key to this style and it is seen in the flooring as beaten farmhouse hardwoods or worn out brick pavers. If you enjoy age and character, then this is a great style to match to your personality and feel like you are preserving history in your home. When choosing your particular decor style, try to imagine yourself living in your home with the descriptions of the styles. You have your own preferences that you've picked up from childhood all the way to the age you are now. Respect your preferences and model your home in the style that will make you the happiest to be in.
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