Modern Blackout Window Shades Design Ideas

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Modern Blackout Shades Give You Many Choices

When the first blackout shades appeared, they were made of thick and black material to block all light sources from entering the window and also to block all views of light inside from the outside. These older versions, although not very pretty or nice, did indeed make a room totally dark.

Blackout Window Shades Design Ideas

Choosing custom designs for your home or business gives you many options in modern blackout shades now. They don't have to be black in color; you can get many different styles of shades now and choose from literally thousands of designer fabrics and blackout liners.

The Popularity Today of Blackout Window Shades

Blackout shades today are very popular for many different applications in homes and businesses. They provide you with almost total darkness in any room whether it is a baby's nursery to help them nap better in the daytime or in a home theater to remove glare from screens for better viewing. This type of shade also blocks outdoor noises because of the thickness of the fabric and this helps tremendously in a home office. The energy-saving benefits are also a great benefit as they save energy costs by trapping cold air next to your windows in winter and heat next to your windows in the winter. This keeps all of your rooms at a more comfortable temperature without the need to use your heater or air conditioner as much for an energy-efficient window treatment method. Blackout shades can reduce your energy consumption by up to 25 percent if you use them on all of your windows. The blackout shade maybe your best friend if you suffer from migraines, work the night shift or live on a busy city street.

Types of Modern Blackout Window Shades

Modern innovations make blackout shades a great choice for any home or office application. You can select from a large variety of styles, such as Roman shades, cellular shades, roller shades and several control options, such as corded, cordless or motorized window treatments for your smart home application.

Classic Roman Shades

Roman shades are made from a fabric in a solid sheet and can hang above your window frame or they can be inside mounted for crisp and clean lines. You have choices in how the shades look when raised. The flat Roman shade only shows folds when the shade is raised and otherwise it looks flat when it's down. There is another type too called the knife pleat style, which adds an air of formality to any space as the knife pleats show at the heading. Roman shades are also available in the soft fold or hobbled styles in which the soft folds show both when the shade is down as well as up.

Versatile Roller Shades

Roller shades are any fabric shade that winds up on a roller system at the top. You have literally thousands of types of fabric to choose from and add a blackout liner so they become blackout shades.

Energy-Efficient Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are also commonly called honeycomb shades. They have little cells in them that trap the air next to your windows for the best energy efficiency in window treatments. Blackout cellular shades will give you the most energy savings on your electric bills year-round. Cellular blackout shades are available in a wide variety of color choices to match your decor. Another neat benefit of cellular shades is that you can choose the top down bottom up the style in which you can lower the top so only the top half of the window is uncovered or you can raise the bottom half up to leave only the bottom of the window uncovered. These come in handy for windows that don't get strong sunlight all day long.

Layering Window Treatments with Blackout Shades

For the most versatile and functional window treatments that are beautiful as well, you can choose to layer your window treatments so it adds a bit of softness to your windows. Your first layer next to the window is your blackout shade. For layering purposes, your blackout shade looks best when it's inside-mounted--meaning inside of the window frame. Next, you can choose some beautiful drapery panels for your windows. Here again, you have thousands of options between types of fabrics, thicknesses, colors and patterns from which to choose. It is important to note that if you choose a solid color for your blackout shades, you can choose any pattern for the drapery panels that also coordinate with the solid color of the blackout shades. A lovely finishing touch is to add a top treatment to your window. You can have a custom valance made to either match or coordinate with your drapery panels or custom made cornice. Either of these options will cover the roll of your shade's fabric when they are open all the way for a clean and crisp appearance.

The Best of Functionality and Versatility

The process of layering your blackout shades with drapery panels gives you the most functionality and versatility in all of your windows. You can close both the shade and the drapery panels entirely so you only see the lovely designer panels inside your home. You can open the drapery panels and have them flank the sides of your closed blackout shade so they seem to be a frame of color for your darkroom. Of, course you can open the shade to any height you wish to let in some light or lift the shade entirely and close the drapery panels to any width that you choose.

Method of Control for Window Treatments

The last step is to choose your method of control. If you have no children or pets in your home you can choose a corded version of a blackout shade to raise and lower them easily. If you want your home to be pet and childproof, you can choose a cordless option on your shade. To operate this version, you simply grasp the bottom of the shade in the middle and lower or lift it to the height you want the shade to be. If you have a smart home or office, you can enlist the help of motorization on your blackout shades and program them to automatically open and close at specific times of the day with any smart device. Modern blackout window shades are available in so many new and exciting types and colors so you are sure to find a custom design that you love and want to showcase. Remember that custom window treatments and custom window shades mean that they are guaranteed to fit and they are also professionally installed for you upon completion.
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