The Modern Day Roller Shade Isn’t What it Used to Be..It’s 100 Times Better!

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Back “in the days”, customers used to order roller shades. Yes, roller shades like we know are still around. You can still order the cloth shade with a tassel cord and maybe even with a scallop hem. But, lets just call this the traditional roller shade. [singlepic id=86 w=320 h=240 float=right]The new “generation” of window roller shades are now called screen shades. The screen shades are absolutely a hit!! You cant help but notice them walking into restaurants and businesses. At Sunshine Drapery, we started several years ago putting these in restaurants like Panera Bread and businesses throughout Missouri and Illinois. Well, residential customers loved these looks so much that before we knew it, our major suppliers, Hunter Douglas, Comfortex Window Fashions and B and W Window Fashions got on the bandwagon too. These screen shades are simply beautiful and efficient. The choice of fabrics are over the top and just make the window covering look beautiful. There are all kinds of colors and patterns for decorators at Sunshine to help the customer choose. They truly are furniture for the windows versus the old traditional vinyl shade as I referred to above as the traditional shade. Screen shades are practical too. They come with a safety cord loop or they come with a very good cordless option. There are varying degrees of openness factors. In other words, a customer can choose to have a fabric with no openness or up to 10%. What exactly does this mean? Its simple…the more the openness factor, then the more the customer can see out the window if the screen shade is in the down position. The screen shades still handles privacy and heat control, but the customer can see outside when it is in the down position during the day. At night, the shades are private, but the more the openness factor of the shade, the less privacy from the outside especially with a well lit room. Many of our residential customers do not choose the 10% openness factor for this reason, but elect a 3 or 5% factor. A 3 or 5% factor serves both purposes for day and night.   Screen shades are all, click or visit Sunshine Drapery to schedule an appointment for a decorator to come at no charge or obligation to explore this as an option for your home or business.

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