6 Window Treatments for a Modern Mediterranean-Style Home

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Mediterranean-style homes take inspiration from the rustic, warm, and inviting charm of Italian villas and Greek islands. The interior and exterior décor features warm accents, earth tones, and light colors.

Patterned tile, stone walls, raffia, clay, and linen are also popular materials for homes following this style.

What window treatments will work well for a modern Mediterranean-style home? The window treatment experts in St. Louislook at six of them in this post.

1. Sheer Curtains

Mediterranean-style homes have a breezy ambiance with lots of natural lighting entering through the windows. Sheer curtains help maintain that ambiance. The choice of curtain color matters a great deal here. Neutral colors go best with the natural materials that make up the aesthetic of these spaces.

2. Arched Valances

Arched windows are an integral part of Mediterranean designs. However, arched valances can create a similar effect for modern Mediterranean-style homes without arched windows.

This treatment only covers the top of the window. Therefore, you’ll want to combine it with other options like curtains or blinds in some rooms. This workaround holds its own in rooms where you only need a dash of pattern or color and are not necessarily concerned about privacy.

3. Shutters

Shutters are an excellent fit for any modern Mediterranean-style home. They are stylish and capable of improving your home’s energy efficiency. If you have stone or plaster walls, be sure to choose white or natural shades. Earth tones can also blend nicely into the space.

4. Wood Blinds

Natural wood blinds are a perfect fit for the natural look of Mediterranean-style homes. Natural wood blinds are highly functional in warmer climates, where light control is a major advantage to watch for in any window treatment.

If you don’t like the high-maintenance nature of real wood, faux wood blinds can work perfectly.

5. Roller Shades

Modern Mediterranean-style homes are simple, subtle, and comfortable. Roller shades effortlessly match that aesthetic. They come in a range of materials, colors, and textures. Therefore, finding one that will fit your home is easy.

As always, choosing neutral and natural colors is best to ensure a perfect blend with the rest of yourinterior design.

6. Transitional Shades

These window treatments are perfect for when you can’t choose between blinds and roller shades. Transitional shades have cloth or vinyl slats in different designs to match that modern, classic Mediterranean look.

You can enjoy an unimpeded view of the outdoors with the slats open without completely giving up on light filtration.

Choose the Perfect Window Treatment for Your Modern Mediterranean Style Home

Mediterranean-style homes are beautiful and unique. Choosing the right window treatment for these spaces can be challenging, as you wouldn’t want to choose a treatment that will detract from the décor.

At Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design, we can guide you toward the perfect choice. Whether you wantwindow treatments for south-facing windowsor the entire space, we can deliver. Call us today at (314) 916-1889 or visit our stores in Chesterfield or Sunset Hills, MO.

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