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Pinterest is a website that showcases the creativity of its participants. Each pinner creates boards on which to pin ideas, photos, examples, patterns, recipes or whatever you like. Boards are the subjects, pins are the ideas, and all of it can be shared with followers.This article shows us how to combine Pinterest & Sunshine and how it can inspire others. 32f4e2dce13c0b983003eaa10efea6a5Boards exist for every room in a house, and for every school of décor. Search for window treatments and you’ll literally find thousands of ideas to choose from and use or to inspire you to create some entirely new and unique. Something that shows off your personality and artistic flair. Combine the terms, “window treatments” and “dining room”, and voila! Hundreds of ideas for that particular room and its windows will appear. The same goes for any other combination; “kitchen” and “window treatments”, “bedrooms” and “window treatments”, “living room” and “window treatments”. The key is to use the term, “window treatment” rather than limiting your search to only curtains or drapes. Those search terms will exclude window coverings such as blinds or shutters or shades. Sometimes, the most creative ways to show off windows have nothing to do with curtains. Create your own board by pinning your favorite looks to it. When you have several ideas or have exhausted the search, go through your pins. Analyze what you’ve chosen. Does a particular style or design repeat itself? Do you see the same color or color scheme over and over again? Do all your rooms have a cohesive look or is each room different making the overall theme eclectic? Perhaps, it’s not a color that repeats, but a fabric choice. Select your favorites and pin them to a new board you’ve created for each room you want to makeover. The next step is to print out the new boards. Make sure to use color ink. Jot down any notes or comments beneath the pictures in the print outs. An example could be: “Like this, but needs to be wider.” Or “printed color is too red, prefer a burgundy tone”.   Now that you have the ideas and comments together, take photos of each window and room. A cell phone photo is good enough. This will show how much light each room receives and the furnishing that you intend to work with. Finally, measure the windows and jot down the measurements on the back of the printed idea sheets. Armed with ideas, comments, photos, and measurements, head down to the store for a field trip. See what they have to offer in terms of fabrics, designer help, and customization. Whether you go with a classic design or something you’ve “frankensteined” from eight other styles, the window treatments in your home should reflect your style, personality and uniqueness. When you’ve finally decided, purchased, and hung your new window coverings, be sure to post a photo on Pinterest. There’s no telling who you might inspire.

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