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I hate walking into stores the week before Labor Day where they are already stocking for Halloween and Thanksgiving. It seems we don’t get to enjoy the moment. In fact, some places actually start stocking Christmas items in September, too. So why are we urging you to get your orders in now for the holidays? Our business isn’t one that you can run in, pick up and take home. Custom is beautiful because the finished product is uniquely yours. To accomplish that look takes time. It takes time to schedule appointments, write up orders, contact manufacturers and distributors for product, and to make and install. In addition, these months right before the holidays are the busy season for us. In the springtime, people focus a lot on the inside and outside of their homes. In summer, decorating takes place but everyone is working around their vacations. We have found in the last couple of years, decorating has become a year round business. But, the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas usually bring a surge of orders and, rightly so. If you plan on updating your home’s look in time for the holidays, you need to take action now. It takes approximately four weeks to complete drapery panels. Top treatments are more labor intensive and require an eight week lead time. You should also plan on eight weeks when ordering custom upholstery furniture. Most hard window treatments can generally be completed in four weeks. If you are shopping for plantation shutters, however, they will take approximately eight weeks or more.   Don’t add to the usual holiday stresses. Don’t fret and worry whether your new treatments will be installed before the big family dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Order now!

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