Are Plantation Shutters Good for Your Home?

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Advice from Sunshine Designer: Elaine Potashnick As a decorator, I frequently get asked whether plantation shutters are a good application for window coverings in the home. Shutters have a very clean look that compliment well any modern, classic or contemporary home in the most distinguishable style. They are excellent quality, have great durability and long term value in any home. They also serve very well as a room darkening product. Shutters also can be used in every shape of window too…round windows, octagon, half windows, and more. I highly recommend all shutters be professionally installed. At Sunshine drapery, we don’t even sell a shutter unless we are allowed to measure it with the installer and the same installer puts it in the window. Professional installation provides better functionality and fashion. One other benefit that can save you money too is the cleaning factor. Draperies do need to be professionally cleaned and this can cost money. But, with shutters, there is no cleaning cost accept wiping with a damp cloth occasionally to clear the dust. Contact us now to set your appointment with Elaine.  
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