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Because we live in a mass merchandise world, consumers don’t understand why decorators can’t give “instant” quotes for custom window products. After all, walk into any other store that sells retail items and you will see a price tag hanging from their products. What’s the big mystery? A custom made product is all about YOU! Decorators have sizeable product lines with numerous options available to them. A decorator must first establish your wants and needs, your likes and dislikes and your budget and time frame. These are critical in narrowing the field of options. Showrooms have a variety of product displays, fabric, trims and drapery hardware samples. A decorator who comes to your home cannot bring everything even though they do carry a lot “stuffed” into their cars. This is why it is so important for you the consumer to provide as little or as much information about your project before a decorator visits. Are you looking for draperies and valances? If so, what colors or prints/solids do you think you are looking for? Are some styles just unthinkable? [Please, no flowers or paisleys.] Do you have an event like Thanksgiving, Graduation, a wedding that you want new window treatments completed for? How do you want to show your home and of course live with products for many years you will enjoy? All of these are factors in deciding what is best for your home and there just is no simple “give me a quick price quote”. Also, Initially, a decorator must take accurate measurements. That includes not just the window size – frame to frame – but how far above, below and to each side of the window the treatment will extend. Will the draperies be fully functional, or one-width, decorative panels? Do you want pinch-pleated, rod pocket or grommet top drapes? Do you need a specialty lining to block light or to help with insulation? A few questions for blinds, shades, and more are as follows:  

  • Do you want a horizontal or vertical product?
  • Are you interested in blinds [mini or 2” wood or faux wood] or shades [roller, roman or sheer shades]?
  • Do you want a top-down, bottom-up feature?
  • What type of lifting system do you want: cord, cordless or motorized?
  • Will the shades be installed inside or outside the window frame?
The answers to most of these questions have a direct bearing on your final price. If you want a quick fix product you can buy off the shelf, then you pay for what you get. If you want your home to be your “sanctuary” and one that reflects your image and style, then utilize a complimentary in home service to review which custom products will work for you.
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