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Residential follows commercial was something I never quite thought of till I was in my office a few weeks ago and a sales rep was showing one of my Managers and me a new line of screen shades. These shades were definitely unique and were very popular in Europe. He made a statement that "hit home" to me and is so true. He said…”As you know, the residential world typically follows the lead from the commercial world in the window covering industry”. Roman ShadesI carefully thought about this and at first thought he was absolutely crazy and just making this up. But the more I thought about this, I realized there was validity to what he had just stated. For example, not too long ago, we started seeing restaurants utilize screen shades versus two inch wood blinds. Prior to the 2 inch wood blinds, restaurants were using mini blinds. When it comes to draperies, restaurants that even use draperies tend to have draperies fit their style. I was at a well known steak restaurant in south county and the place was filled with upholstered cornices and tied back drapery panels. Then I happened to be at another restaurant in Illinois with some friends and every window had roman shades. Upholstered cornices, drapery panels and roman shades are by far and away the most popular window treatments we sell and produce in our workroom with our seamstresses for homes in Missouri and Illinois.   But going back to the screen shades, just today I went to a St. Louis Bread Company and was looking at the black mesh shades. I smiled from ear to ear as this look (and not necessarily the color) is critical in the home. I guess I better take a hard look at these European looks even for the Midwest and be “ahead of the curve”…after all, residential does follow commercial! PS - Our company has sold and installed many of the St. Louis Bread Company shades over the years too.

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