How to Enhance Your Small Bedroom with the Right Window Blinds

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When it comes to decorating, windows are often the last item on your list when trying to make a small bedroom look larger. But, believe it or not, the window coverings you choose for your bedroom can have a great impact on both its aesthetics and functionality. The right choice of window blinds can help draw attention away from smaller areas, enhancing the overall design of the room while making it feel more spacious and inviting at the same time. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can find just the right balance with your bedding in terms of style, functionality, and affordability – by learning about the different types of window blinds available.

5 Window Treatment Options Suitable for Small Rooms

If you have a small room, making it feel spacious and open can be challenging. However, choosing the right window treatments can make a significant difference. Here are five window treatment options that are suitable for small rooms:

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an excellent option for small rooms. They are a great choice for privacy and light control and can make a room appear more spacious by providing a clean, streamlined look. They are typically custom-fit to your windows, making them a perfect option for small windows.


small window blinds Small window blinds, such as mini blinds, are ideal for small rooms. They take up less space than curtains and can be mounted flush with the window frame, which provides a clean and streamlined look. Choosing light colors for your blinds can also create an illusion of spaciousness.


Curtains can also make small rooms appear larger if they're hung correctly. Hang your curtains close to the ceiling, extending them beyond the window frame to give the illusion of a larger window. Opt for lightweight fabrics that let in natural light to create a bright and airy feel in your room.


Shades are another excellent option for small rooms. Installing shades that are low-profile and flush with your windows can create a seamless, unobstructed look. Sheer shades are perfect for those who want to maximize natural light and create a light and airy atmosphere in their room.


Valances are small window treatments that add a decorative touch without taking up much space. They can be mounted directly on the window frame or above the window to make it appear larger. Valances come in various colors and patterns, making them a versatile option to add a pop of color and style to your small room.

How to Use Shades to Make Your Home Look Bigger

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Choose Blinds and Shades that are Low-Profile and Flush with Your Windows

Choosing low-profile window treatments that are mounted flush with your window frames can create a seamless look that maximizes your window space. Window treatments such as mini blinds, roller shades, and cellular shades are great options for this.

Install Sheer Shades for the Ultimate in Natural Light and Openness

Sheer shades are a perfect option for small rooms, allowing natural light to filter through while providing privacy. These shades are typically made with lightweight fabrics that give your room an open and airy feel.

Mount Your Window Treatments Outside of Your Windows

Mounting your window treatments outside your windows can make your windows appear larger and create the illusion of more space. Extending your window treatments beyond the window frame can make your windows look larger and create the illusion of height in your room.

Hang a Mirror Facing Your Windows and Window Coverings

Hanging a mirror facing your windows and window coverings can reflect natural light and make your room appear more spacious. Mirrors can also add depth to your room, making it appear larger than it actually is.

Consider selecting lighter hues when deciding on your blinds or shades

Choosing light-colored blinds or shades can make your room feel brighter and more spacious. Lighter colors reflect more light, making your room appear open and airy. Beige, white, and light grey are popular choices for small window blinds and shades.

Think Vertical for Rooms with Low Ceilings

Choosing vertical blinds or shades can create the illusion of height for rooms with low ceilings. The vertical lines of the window treatments draw the eye upward, making your ceiling appear higher than it actually is.

Go For Plain And Solid Colors Rather Than Textured Or Patterned Designs

Solid colors are an excellent choice for small rooms as they create a streamlined look that doesn't overwhelm the space. Textures and patterns can add visual interest but can also make a small room feel cluttered and cramped.

Opt for Uniform Colors Across the Board

Choosing the same color for your walls, window treatments, and decor can create a cohesive look that makes your room appear larger. Using the same color palette throughout your room creates a seamless look that doesn't break up the visual flow.

Remove Clutter from Areas Near Your Windows and Window Coverings

Window Shades Clutter can make a small room feel even smaller, so keeping your space tidy and organized is essential. Remove any unnecessary items from near your windows and window coverings to create a clean, unobstructed view. This will help your windows appear larger, making your room more spacious. Regardless of the type of window treatment you decide to opt for, you can use these tips and tricks to make your small room seem larger. In addition to the tips we’ve outlined here, professionals offer even further options that can help create the illusion of space. No matter if you choose plantation shutters, blinds, curtains, shades or valances for your home, it’s important to consider all factors when selecting items for optimal style and functionality. If you want personalized advice on how to make your small room look bigger, don’t hesitate to schedule a design consultation at Sunshine Drapery for helpful advice from our knowledgeable design consultants. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your home décor projects turn out perfectly.
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