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Builders and remodel contractors are designing floor plans with an eye to windows. Lots of windows mean natural light and views. It is a recorded fact that plenty of natural light lightens the mood, helps you get vitamin D, illuminates a room, and saves you money on the power bill. Builders and remodel contractors are also placing these windows in every room in the house. A St Louis commercial roofer advocates that placing a window in the roof in the form of skylights has been gaining a steady reputation among people looking to lend aesthetics while building houses. You can get to know more at the website on how to get professionals to repair your roof. Using bay windows in many rooms adds class, square footage, and that natural light we’ve been discussing. But wait... bay windows in the kitchen, bedroom, even the bathroom? Why, have you everheard of such a thing? Maybe, maybe not, either way, it’s happening!If you want these stunning windows in your rooms, we have some amazingideas for your home.

Living Areas

Most homes have bays in the living room and perhaps the dining room. Generally, the side board goes in the bay in the dining room, while perhaps a pretty table and chairs go in the bay in the living room. This is the accepted way to do things, but why be ordinary? Why not build a window seat with back cushions into the bay for reading in natural light? Homeowners fitting their rounded sectional sofas in the bay could always pull the drapes, wood blinds, woven wood shades or plantation shutters when it comes time to watch TV. Many homeowners place a desk in the bay window for the work at home spouse. Some homeowners place desks in their bay windows for the kids to do their homework in the natural light. It’s a little unusual, but some homeowners build banks of bays into the major rooms. Thus, when the children have school projects like making maps or other class projects, they have built-in desk space to accomplish them. Bays in this area are also showcases for antique desks or unusual tables and chairs.


Magazines and online decorators are full of pictures of kitchens with bay windows. Tables are invitingly drawn up to them complete with place settings and flowers. The window treatments are adjusted just enough for light to brighten the nook, but not enough to put diners off their food. Some pictures feature tables built right in to the bay, while others offer banquettes as an alternative. The window sills on these bays are at table-height, so they look as if the whole thing were built at the same time. Occasionally there will be a picture of a bay overlooking a magnificent garden. Diners will feel as if they’re just a touch away from Nature as they dine. Some homeowners build out the space between the bay and the dining area to be as one space. Tables and chairs placed here would feel much like an outdoor kitchen.


More and more bathrooms are being built with as much natural light as possible. Many bathrooms are being built and remodeled to highlight, not the usual bathroom furnishings, but space and light. A bay in a bathroom would have a tub built in, but lots of homeowners are opting for stand-alone tubs. Everything from color to shape and accessories go into planning such tubs, but they are usually located in the bay window. Of course, the wood blinds, plantation shutters or Roman shades are adjusted for privacy, but they still allow light to brighten the room. Many homeowners focus on the window, building shelving in to the sides and specialty lighting over the tub.  


Builders and remodel contractors often put bay windows in bedrooms for the light. How great is it for a kid to have an overnight party, placing one guest on the window seat, while the others are all over the room? Alternatively, any kid would rather peep out the wood blinds or other window treatments at the stars than actually go to sleep. There is always the option of using the moonlight to read by while avoiding parental notice. There are so many cool things a child could do in a bay window. Parents, on the other hand, tend to curl up with a good book while the other parent is sleeping. Rocking chairs in the bays are often a good way to rock baby to sleep as well. There’s just something about a star lit night that no one can resist, isn’t there? Use it to best advantage with a bay window. Making sure to use window treatments that don’t block the light, bay windows are just too classy to leave behind. We hope these ideas help you figure out how to furnish yours.
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