Styling Shutters and Curtains Together: Four Tips

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Shutters and curtains are two types of window treatments that can perfectly complement each other. Styling shutters and curtains together in the right way produces a unique layered look that upgrades your home’s interior appearance while maintaining functional advantages. To help you find your aesthetically pleasing combination, we’ve listed four essential tips to consider. If you’re in need of gorgeous, high-qualitywindow shutters in St. Louis, contact Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design today.

1: Select Your Shutters First

Whenever you’re styling shutters and curtains together, you should begin by selecting your shutters. As the underneath layer, you’ll install your shutters first and find it more difficult to replace them than the curtains. Think about how the shutters will look without any curtains. You can select a color that matches the room’s walls or one that contrasts in an attractive way. Your shutters shouldn’t clash with the room’s design and color scheme. In addition, try to pick colors for your shutters that offer design versatility. Then, if you decide to replace your curtains, you’ll have more options that will still accent the room’s theme.

2: Choose Your Curtains Next

You can move on to the curtains once you’ve chosen your shutters. While choosing a curtain color that fits well with your shutters is vital, it’s also important to find the right type of curtains. Some homeowners frequently open and close their curtains. For them, curtains that provide good light control are likely the best option. If you intend on using your curtains for decorative purposes, however, you’re free to choose your favorite type, including opaque curtains.

3: Consider Color Combinations

Considering how different color combinations work together is crucial to your interior style, especially when planning to use shutters and curtains together. Your color combination can determine the room’s aesthetic. It may be challenging to know how different shutters and curtains will look without actually seeing them, but we have some general tips to help. If you want the room to have an open, bright feel to it, then similar neutral colors are your best bet. For example, white shutters and off-white curtains result in an airy and elegant appearance. If you want the room to feel cozier, consider going with contrasting colors. Light shutters and bold, dark curtains typically produce an attractive look.

4: Feel Free to Change it Up

Finally, feel free to change your curtains if you want a new appearance. If you have neutral shutters, it should be relatively easy to pair a new color of curtains with them to alter the room’s ambiance. For example, you can switch to darker curtains to block out the sun and increaseenergy efficiency.

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