Do Swag Draperies Have to Look Like the Ones Seen in a Funeral Home?

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The swags that are seen in a funeral home are very traditional looking and are mounted on a board. You cannot see the board and they are actually very elegant. Do customers put this style in their home? The answer is all depends on what you like. So the question is what are the alternatives to this look. In other words, are there modifications that can be done to make the look just different. The answer is yes. First, one of the “things” that can be done is to put the swags on a decorative pole. This can be a wood pole or a metal pole. Hardware in a window is just as important as the swag itself or even if its another style of drapery. It can make a huge difference in how everything looks.   Another really neat option is to have side panels hanging on each side of the window and put a simple shell over the panel. This way, the window has a touch of fabric and it combines a panel look with somewhat of a swag. With any style of swag, adding tassels or bullion fringe to the treatment can add just the extra touch. We see swag style treatments in living rooms, dining rooms, Atrium windows, library rooms and more. The swag style treatment for window coverings has been around many years and with the various options available, it can really be a fantastic drapery treatment.  

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