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Its hard to believe that Thanksgiving is approaching quickly. If you go to family or friends homes, take a look at their home decorating - especially the window treatments. If they have custom window treatments and you don’t, take a look at how custom just makes the house pop. We often refer to custom window treatments as furniture for the windows. Window treatments are like furniture in many ways. We are often asked how often people redecorate . We have found that on average people redecorate every 8-10 years. Keep in mind this is the “average”. As I think about my own home and think about furniture, I would say that even for furniture, my wife and I change it up every 8-10 years too. We often find that when people look for furniture, they often will make a change in the window treatments too. Decorating is more than furniture and window treatments and we recognize this at Sunshine Drapery. We are a full service decorating company and our decorators do everything possible to help pull everything together. At Thanksgiving, look at the table linens…i.e the tablecloth, napkins, the dining room seats, pillows on the furniture, and even the cushion if there is one. We have our very own custom workroom and employ our own seamstresses . We simply pull it together to make everything imaginable and do so with a perfect fit guarantee.   Thanksgiving is a time of thanks and all of the employees at Sunshine Drapery would like to thank all of our customers for your business. We are all thankful to have decorated thousands of homes in Missouri and Illinois since 1969. We continue to work hard to be the best decorating company in St. Louis offering the finest custom work with our top notch staff. As the owner of Sunshine, I am thankful to not only have many loyal customers, but also an incredible staff. Every employee serves an important role in our company and we ask them to handle business as if it were their own and to ultimately make the customer the top priority. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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