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The lines of an outfit may make you look taller, shorter, wider or thinner. The lines of a room do the same exact thing to transform your space into a thing of beauty through decorations, window treatments and your architecture.

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines have a stately presence that draws the eye from the floor to the ceiling. They can make a room seem formal with a sense of grandeur. Vertical lines make a room seem taller and make wide spaces seem narrower. To achieve this effect with window treatments you can place long sleek drapes on the outside edges of a picture window.

Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines do the exact opposite of vertical lines. They widen narrow spaces and bring the eye level down to the floor. Horizontal lines create a sense of intimacy while being very contemporary. They give a person a great sense of comfort as in watching the sunset over the landscape. You can top windows with a valance or cornice using clean lines to bring extra warmth to a room.

Diagonal Lines

Diagonal lines bring a sense of energy and whimsy to a space by the indication of change and movement. This type of line should be used sparingly in one room of your home because it can be empowering and very bold.

Curved Lines

Curved lines give a sensation of a sensual and soft feel to a room. You can use rounded swag or voluminous drapes to a room to add richness and bring comfort to the area.

How to Use Lines in Decorating?

The first item on your agenda for using lines in decorating is to examine your room. It may already be emphasizing a specific line. Pillars create vertical lines and a chair rail indicates a horizontal line in a dining room.

Creating Vertical Lines

To make your room look much taller, consider hanging your drapery from the ceiling to the floor. The higher you hang window treatments the taller your room will appear no matter how tall your window is already. Consider a height of a few inches below the crown molding or a few inches below the ceiling height. The use of vertical lines in your draperies will really make the most of this space. You can add tall pieces of furniture to a room to increase its height with accessories on top of them to enable a strong vertical line. The addition of artwork that is vertical, being taller than they are wide adds height to a room also.

Creating Horizontal Lines

Use draperies with horizontal lines in them to make a room appear wider than it is. Wider lines create a bold feeling in a room. The addition of a top window treatment with solid lines is a great idea. The addition of pictures at a low level just above a chair rail or a piece of furniture also makes horizontal lines to draw the eye downward.

Creating Diagonal Lines

Most designers use diagonal lines to transition from a space with vertical lines to another with horizontal lines or vice versa. If the space is small, choose a smaller diagonal pattern for your drapes and window treatments. It the space is large you can use larger diagonal lines without overpowering the room.

Creating Curved Lines

Curved lines can be obtained in your custom draperies by adding a balloon curtain or a very full and light drapery that has a large amount of volume and pleats or folds in it. This creates a soft and comfortable area in your home. No matter type of appearance you seek in your home, our expert designers can help you to achieve the perfect look with our expertise and large array of custom fabrics and trims.
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