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Modern technological advancement has createdCellular Shades.Also known as Honeycomb blinds or Cellular blinds, they are a beautiful alternative to ordinary blinds. They got their name from the empty air pockets running parallel to their seams. The manufacture of these blinds involve joining two separate sheets of fabric or other material that oppose each other; one side faces inside, the other side faces outside. There are many advantages to Cellular Shades. A product of years of design evolution, these blinds, and the clean lines that are typically found in them, fit into almost any home's decor. You will find a variety of styles, colors, fabrics, and other materials to choose from. With the choices available, you will be able to pick a type that will add value to your home with no difficulty. Cellular Shades will even pay for themselves over time (with proper use and care) strictly by the energy they save for you in your home. These popular blinds have a host of differences. The features that vary include: the degree of light filtering, colors (of course), and the number of rows, cell sizes, and relative insulating properties. The insulating properties come from the pockets of air within the blinds, which retain heat in the winter, and conserve coolness in the summer months. These blinds are safe, easy to operate, and vastly functional, making your home's interior look absolutely refined. They can also help reduce the amount of noise in your home dramatically. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from. Some of these varieties include: Top Down/Bottom Up Cellular Shades, Cordless Cellular Shades, and even Motorized Cellular Shades. This is only a partial list, there are more, and new types will emerge. Top Down/Bottom Up Cellular Shades operate by raising the blinds up and down, permitting a great range of light control. They also have the advantage of creating easy privacy protection. These blinds are ideal for the bathroom, where you want the right combination of natural light while, again, maintaining your privacy. They also prevent glare in computer rooms and offices, making it a better environment in which to work.   Cordless Cellular Shades provide a safety and sophistication that many desire. Uncluttered by cords, your room of choice will be safer for pets and children. The attractiveness found in these blinds make a wonderful addition to any area you wish to have that special, unfettered look. You simply pull on the rail, and the blinds raise or lower themselves, and are easily adjustable. These blinds are perfect for families or those with pets. Motorized shades provide a high level of security and general safety in your home. With no cords, they are suitable, again, for homes with pets and children. They also include a timer (while you are away (providing the illusion that you are home, deterring thieves or other intruders)). Another helpful feature; you can set them to raise and lower themselves at key times when the sun is rising or setting (automating your energy savings).

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