Three Things to Know Before Buying Shutters

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When choosing a product for the windows in your home three things should be taken into consideration: form, function and durability. Shutter's are one of the products that will place high on your list. With slat sizes ranging from 1 1/4 to 4 1/2 inches all decor styles can be accommodated. The smaller slats can blend with a circa styled home mimicking an era from times past. If your taste runs toward a contemporary flare with bold clean lines, using a larger slat will accomplish this. For the traditionalist, shutter slats come mid sized to satisfy your discerning taste. Shutters come in a variety of colors ranging from warm wood tones to crispy whites. Norman wood shutters are manufactured using sustainable Paulowina wood. This fine grained, warp resistant, light weight material adapts beautifully to our high humid climate. Did you know this is the stuff surfboards are made of? Just think - you'll be purchasing a product that can withstand the power of Mother Nature, no more worries about what your 3 year old can do to it. Speaking of the little loves of our lives, shutters have no cords making them a top pick in a child's room. The finish is treated with an antimicrobial layer by Optimaltm promoting good health.Cleaning is no longer a chore since you can simply wipe the slats down.   Unlike other products shutters can offer varying degrees of privacy: fully open to allow natural light to flood a room, tilted slightly up for reflecting the sun's uv rays, or completely closed to shut out unwanted light. With the tilt bar options you can choose the look and function that fits your lifestyle. Odd shaped windows are no longer are a problem because custom shutters can be designed to fit the most unique shape. Lastly unlike any other window covering you may purchase, once shutters are installed they become part of your homes character adding value.

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